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There's always something to do. Classics age gracefully, at best. Some parts become unsightly over the years, and through repeated use. Like the buttons of the seatbelt buckles, which not only wear out, but also get dirty. In which intensity, that depends on the previous owner. There are vehicles which have a beautiful patina after 2 or 3 decades. And others, which are in parts far away from beautiful.

An extreme case is the Anna Project. The leather and carpets could still be cleaned after years of not having been cared for. The door panel on the driver's side was replaced, the steering wheel was reupholstered and the gear knob was replaced. The interior is now well looked after, a touch of pleasant patina has been added. Almost everything is good. Except for the seatbelt buckle buttons. They were much more dirty black than red when the Saab came to me 7 years ago.

Clean it? Not so easy. Because the switches don't have the colour-fast rating. With the use of various cleaners the colour changed more and more into a dingy pink, which is beyond the desired original condition. Since the button belongs on the list of the trivialities they were no longer an issue. I took the strange pink for granted. They still fulfilled their function.

Buttons for belt buckles as replicas

Saab and Volvo specialist Skandix has new push buttons in its program as replicas. An opportunity to improve the interior after years. With a price of 14,90 per piece they are not necessarily a gift, but I am happy about every part that is reproduced for classic Saabs. The delivery is fast as always. Ordered on Thursday, already on Saturday the package is there.

I take the opportunity to tinker briefly with the Saab in the late afternoon. The exchange is quick and can be done in a few minutes, even for untrained people. A small, flat screwdriver is sufficient as a tool, with it the old buttons are removed. The new seatbelt buckle buttons are inserted, click into place audibly, and the job is done. After the first belt buckle, the principle has been recognized, the remaining 4 follow in minute intervals. The reproduction is 100% identical to the original, the fit is perfect.

The result satisfies me. The buttons literally glow in the interior, just like 22 years ago when the Saab was new. Even more important: The last memory of the unloved and unkempt history of the Anna project has disappeared from the interior. It's almost good now, except for the sky. The cover should also be renewed and is on the list for autumn.


This report appeared on the SaabBlog on June 30th, 2020. Many thanks for the kind permission to include the report in our News section. Text and pictures:

Wed, 08 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0200
Spring clip for Volvo P1800 trunk lid handle
The retaining clip for the boot handle on the Volvo P1800 Coupé is now available from SKANDIX under item number 1061240.

The part is a spring clip which clamps the handle to the boot lid from below. The screw at the bottom of the trunk handle is only an anti-twist device and not the main fastening.

As this clasp was missing, broken or rusty in some restoration projects, SKANDIX has reissued it. We have kept to the original for the new edition and only changed one detail: The new part is made of stainless material.

Suitable for all Volvo P1800 Coupés:

  • Volvo P1800 Jensen
  • Volvo P1800S
  • Volvo P1800E

Reference number: 664554

Mon, 06 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0200
Change in value added tax as of 01.07.2020
In Germany, the amended VAT rate of 16% will be valid from 1st of July 2020 (instead of the previous 19%). This regulation applies until the end of the year. The reduced tax rate - e.g. for books - will change to 5% (instead of the previous 7%).

How do the prices change?

By the lower value added tax the gross prices indicated for you as a consumer in our shop are reduced accordingly.

To whom does the changed value added tax apply?

The new tax rates apply to all goods with delivery address in Germany. If you as a customer order from another European country, the unchanged tax rates/prices there may apply to you. After selecting your country of delivery, the SKANDIX Shop will display the prices valid for you.

What happens if the payment was already made before the deadline?

For the application of the tax rate it depends on when the service is actually performed, in your case the time of delivery. Thus, neither the date of the order, the invoice nor the date of payment is decisive.

From 01.07.2020 we always charge the currently valid rate of 16%, from 01.01.2021 again the rate of 19%.

For your payments made before 01.07.2020 for deliveries after 01.07.2020, you will receive a corresponding credit note for the difference (overpayment) resulting from the changed VAT rate. Conversely, for payments that you make before the end of the year for deliveries after 01.01.2021, the corresponding differences (for underpayments) are then requested subsequently.

Where can I find answers to further questions?

Explanations regarding the temporary reduction of the value added tax can be found on the pages of the Federal Ministry of Finance - please refer to the following link.

Wed, 01 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0200
Repair kit upper edge door panel for Volvo 960 II, S90 and V90 (-1998)
A repair kit for the upper edges of the door panels on the Volvo 960 II, S90 and V90 (up to 1998), consisting of 4 cover strips, is now available with SKANDIX article number 1075694.

With the original door panels, the top of the cover peels off over time and causes creases. Undamaged used or new door panels are hardly available anymore. A repair is expensive and the result is usually not long-lasting.

To solve the problem in the long term, we have had these new cover strips produced. As a "cover up" they cover the usually damaged area, altogether about half the width of the upper edge.

The slats are covered with structured black imitation leather and match all interior design colours visually. Mounting is carried out with the supplied clips.


  • repair solution for parts no longer available
  • Simple and permanent repair
  • Optically unremarkable
  • Stable aluminium core prevents distortion of the strips during assembly

Appropriate for:

  • Volvo 960 II from 1995 onwards
  • Volvo S90 up to 1998
  • Volvo V90 up to 1998
Mon, 29 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0200
Door seal for Saab 900 Convertible up to 1993
A new door seal for the classic Saab 900 convertible up to 1993 is now available from SKANDIX with article number 1078594.

The original door seal, which has a U-shaped bottom, has not been available for many years. In many vehicles it is damaged or hard and porous due to aging. If it has to be dismantled for painting work, for example, the rubber usually breaks in the area of the retaining clips. Furthermore, old door seals have the disadvantage that they can cause increased wind noise or even water ingress.

In order to be able to repair the vehicles again, we have had a new replacement door seal manufactured. The seal is made of a modern rubber material and has a self-adhesive back, so there is no need to fix it with clips. The new seal is not side specific, so it fits left and right.

Appropriate for:

  • all Saab 900 Cabriolet until 1993

Reference numbers:

  • 6934871
  • 6934889

Below we have provided installation instructions for you.

The riveted door seal, which is also installed on the vehicles, got also manufactured anew. It is available under SKANDIX article no. 1059043.

Mon, 22 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0200
New windscreen trim moulding for Volvo V70 II (2000-2007)
Newly produced, rustproof trim strips for the A-pillar/roof edge on the right and left side of the windscreen in the Volvo V70II and V70XC (2000-2007) are now available from SKANDIX.

The original trim strips have an aluminium core which corrodes - "blossoms out". It produces bubbles form under the paint and the paint can peel off. The removal of the corrosion and the repainting of these aluminium parts is only possible with great effort and often not permanently durable. Furthermore, the spare parts are no longer available from the vehicle manufacturer.

Therefore we have now reissued the strips in an improved version. Our newly manufactured skirtings have, as an improvement over the original, a stainless steel core.

The surface is a black smooth plastic coating. The part fits optically well to all vehicle paint colours and can be installed unpainted to save costs. If you wish, you can also have it painted at a paint shop with 2K lacquer and softface additive in car colour. Painting on your own with the spray can does not work. The original spare parts were only available ready painted in car colour.

The new strips have a rubber sealing lip like the original.


  • Stainless - Non-corrosive
  • Resistant plastic coating
  • can be installed unpainted

Appropriate for:

  • Volvo V70 II (P26) from 2000 up to 2007 with roof rails
  • Volvo V70XC (XC70) from 2000 up to 2007 with roof rails

left right
Trim moulding A-pillar

Lower end piece

(3x per side)

(1x per side)

(1x per side)
Place all parts in the shopping cart in the appropriate quantity:

We have provided installation instructions below.

39992695, 39891350, 39992691, 39993953, 39992696, 39992698, 39992700, 39878908, 39992701, 39992702, 39992706, 39992857, 39992858, 39992859, 39992703, 39992704, 39992705, 39892420, 39891348, 39891352, 39894160, 39874426
39992711, 39992707, 39993954, 39992712, 39992714, 39992716, 39878909, 39992717, 39992718, 39992722, 39992860, 39992861, 39992862, 39992719, 39992720, 39992721, 39992722, 39891354, 39891356, 39891358, 39894162, 39874427

Mon, 15 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0200
Glass for Cockpit gauges Volvo P1800 available again
The glass for the cockpit gauge coolant / oil temperature for the Volvo P1800 up to 1968 is now available from SKANDIX under part number 1078203.

The original glasses have become cracked and blind in most cars over the years. Even though the functional repair of the instrument has been offered for some time, there was no spare part for the optical repair until now. Therefore we have now produced the glass again.

As with the original part, the display glass is made of plastic glass, the scale is engraved into the glass from behind and painted white.

  • Language version: English
  • Water scale: 90 - 230°F
  • Scale Oil: 140 - 280°F
  • Fits for instrument: Volvo 665260

Suitable for vehicles:

  • Volvo P1800 Jensen
  • Volvo P1800S until 1968

The lenses for the speedometer and the rev counter are also available as new parts from us: 1029284, 1036380. Thus the complete cockpit can be repaired true to original.

Mon, 08 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0200
Repair part license plate light Volvo 965, V90 and V70 / V70XC (up to 2000)
A repair solution for the license plate light socket on the Volvo 960 wagon since 1995, V70, V90 and V70XC up to 2000 is now available from SKANDIX with part number 1076902.

Until now, if the lamp holder is corroded or scorched, the complete tailgate handle had to be replaced because the car manufacturer does not offer a separate part for repair. In addition to the higher spare parts costs, a new tailgate handle must also be painted in the vehicle colour.

With our solution, the base for the light can be renewed individually.

In the course of the reproduction we improved the socket in detail: While in the original part the bare cable contacts were simply plugged into the plastic, in the SKANDIX part a rubber socket was embedded in the plastic carrier, which protects the contacts better against possible humidity.


  • Cost-effective repair kit
  • Technical improvement
  • Including brand name lamps

Appropriate for:

  • Volvo 960 wagon from 1995
  • Volvo V70 up to 2000
  • Volvo V90 up to 1998
  • Volvo V70 Cross Country (V70XC) up to 2000

References: Volvo 9485529, 9187053, 9203199, 9203669, 9187648, 9485531, 9152288, 9126281, 9154351, 9126895.

We have prepared installation instructions for you below.

Mon, 01 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0200
Gearwheel ignition distributor for Volvo classic car engines available again
The gear shaft for the ignition distributor and the oil pump in the Volvo B18, B20 and B30 engines is now available again under SKANDIX number 1022791.

The shaft is located in the engine block, is rotated by the camshaft and drives both the oil pump and the ignition distributor. The drive is released by interlocking square flanges. Apart from age-related wear, the drive flanges can break off, e.g. in the case of a mechanically defective ignition distributor.

The original part is no longer available since autumn 2019. Therefore SKANDIX has now reissued the part. In case of a defect the engine can be repaired.

Suitable for Volvo oldtimer with B18 or B20 engine:

  • Volvo PV544 "Hump Volvo", P210 "Duet"
  • Volvo 120, 130, 220 "Amazon"
  • Volvo 140
  • Volvo 240 until 1976
  • Volvo P1800 Jensen, P1800S, P1800E, P1800ES

Suitable for Volvo classic cars with B30 engine:

  • Volvo 164

Original number: 418277

Mon, 25 May 2020 00:00:00 +0200
Volvo 240 fuse strip for modern fuses
A replacement for the no longer available fuse strip of the Volvo 240 from 1991 on, is now available in an improved version from SKANDIX. Vehicles up to 1990 can also be converted to this design.

With the conventional fuse strips on the Volvo 240 there is more often corrosion between the fuses and the contact springs. Electrical faults and failures are the result. The contact springs tire and can break.

The technically more modern new fuse strip offers significant contact improvement and increased operational safety. In addition, replacing and testing the fuses is much easier to handle.

Fuse strip inside Volvo 240

The new version uses flat "ATO" type fuses instead of the round fuses. Replacement is much easier to obtain on the road than the round fuses, which have become rare.


  • Better electrical contact
  • Increased operational safety
  • Modern fuse type, available everywhere

The new fuse strip replaces Volvo original number 3544178. You can find it in our online shop under article number 1071314.

Mon, 18 May 2020 00:00:00 +0200
New ashtray handle for Volvo Amazon and P1800
SKANDIX has reissued the handle for the original ashtray in the dashboard.

When restoring classic cars, it is usually the small "puzzle pieces" that are missing or can no longer be saved. Now you can add one more of these puzzle pieces to your Volvo Amazon or P1800 project.

The handle is made of black plastic and comes with 2 fixing screws.

Volvo Amazon: Volvo P1800:
A true to original reproduction of the European version. Can also be used as a replacement for the USA version (Volvo 673202).

SKANDIX Article No. 1078264
Volvo original number 660562

Appropriate for:

  • Volvo 120 from 1959, from chassis no. 27817
  • all Volvo 130
  • all Volvo 220 station wagon
A true to original reproduction of the version up to 1967 and can also be used as a replacement for the later versions.

SKANDIX Article No. 1078641
Volvo original number 665480

Appropriate for:

  • Volvo P1800 Jensen
  • Volvo P1800S
  • Volvo P1800E
  • Volvo P1800ES
Mon, 11 May 2020 00:00:00 +0200
Bearing bush differential output for Saab gearbox available again
The Saab bearing bushing no. 8733230, which is important for the differential of the manual transmission, has been newly manufactured by SKANDIX.

The original part is no longer available since end of 2019. You can recognize a defect in the bushing by the fact that the drive shaft has excessive tolerance in the differential. This causes defects at the shaft sealing ring and thus an oil loss between gearbox and drive shaft. In the worst case, the differential will be destroyed inside.

If in doubt, replace the bushing as a precaution to prevent expensive gear damage.

The new bearing bushing is manufactured according to original specifications and is now available under article number 1024717.

Suitable for:

  • Saab 9-3 (-2003) all models with manual transmission
  • Saab 900 (1994-) all models with manual transmission
  • Saab 9000 model from 1994 onwards with manual gearbox

The bushing can be replaced from the outside with a suitable extraction tool (adapter 1078462 with slide hammer 1074165) without having to remove the gearbox. Only the housing cover must be unscrewed from the gear unit. A new O-ring (1046549) and a new shaft seal ring (1009445 , 1002999 , 1018302) are required as part of the repair.


Mon, 04 May 2020 00:00:00 +0200