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Finally available again: transverse leaf springs for Multilink ll with or without Nivomats.

There are no longer any rear springs available from the vehicle manufacturer for the Volvo 960 estate from 95 and S90/V90.

The transverse leaf spring of the Multilink-ll rear axle is an elaborately manufactured part made of a glass-fibre composite material, for which there have been no alternatives in the accessories trade until now.

Even these springs get tired after many kilometres, the vehicle becomes unpleasant to drive, especially when loaded, and is sensitive to wind. A sagging rear end is also unattractive to look at. Badly tired springs can damage the shock absorbers or Nivomats if the suspension travel is no longer limited. Then the bottom valves inside the shock absorbers or Nivomats are destroyed when they compress heavily.

We have now found an original equipment manufacturer who makes the springs for us in original quality. This will give the "Old Swede" back the stable driving characteristics with which it has thrilled us so much over many kilometres.

Makes possible conversion from Nivomat to normal shock absorbers

The version with spring codes 2 (sedan) and 3 (station wagon) are the springs for vehicles with normal shock absorbers. This means that it is now possible again to convert vehicles that were equipped with Nivomats ex works. A simple replacement of Nivomats with normal shock absorbers without spring replacement is not possible, the rear of the vehicle would hang down badly and the driving characteristics would be dangerous.

For the German market, the 960II and S90/V90 were only delivered with Nivomat. If they were already equipped with such a spring code 2 or 3 and normal shock absorbers ex works, these are other country versions, i.e. mostly re-imported vehicles.

The springs for your Volvo are now available in our shop under the numbers 1021744, 1021750 and 1021749.


  • Original equipment quality
  • Stable driving characteristics even with a full load
  • Reduces wind sensitivity
  • Allows conversion to normal shock absorbers and vice versa


  • Volvo 960 from 1995
  • Volvo V90 until 1998
  • Volvo S90 until 1998

Reference numbers:
9140471, 6819300, 6819301

Mon, 24 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0100
Front wiper shaft grommet
The front wiper shaft grommet for Volvo 850, 960 and S90/V90 is available again.

This foam seal is an inconspicuous part that keeps the water box in front of the windscreen clean. It sits on the shaft of the wiper linkage under the plastic cover of the water tank and ensures that no leaves or debris fall into the water tank at the edge of the cover.

This is not entirely unimportant, as coarse dirt quickly clogs the drains in the water tank and, in the worst case, the wiper linkage, wiper motor and, in the case of the Volvo 850, the fuse box are then submerged in water. That would have fatal consequences.

The seal is easy to replace, all you have to do is unscrew the wiper arms and remove the water box cover, underneath they are simply plugged onto the shafts. When replacing the wiper motor or linkage, be sure to order the seal as well. The old ones are often crumbly and fall apart when you try to pull them off.

On the Volvo 960, there was also a slightly different version made of rubber, which was placed on the shaft above the cover. This can be easily replaced by the foam seal.

The seal is now available in our shop under the number 1029964.

Suitable for:

  • Volvo 850
  • Volvo 960 1994-
  • Volvo S90, V90 (-1998)

Reference No.: 3512235

Mon, 17 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0100
Idle lever carburettor SU HS 6
The idle stop levers for the SU HS6 twin carburettors are available again.

They were used by Volvo in this version on PV, P1800, Amazon and 140 on the B18B and D as well as B20B engines. The throttle stop and the quick idle adjustment screw are located on this lever, and the return spring is also partially hooked in here. It is therefore absolutely necessary for the function.

For some time now, this lever has no longer been included in the scope of delivery of new carburettors, possibly because there were different versions depending on the vehicle. The stop lever is no longer available individually from the manufacturer and will not be replaced.

When converting A-engines to dual carburettors, it was necessary to search for used parts, because normally there is no old carburettor available.

After several customer enquiries and our own experience, we decided relatively quickly to have this important small part remanufactured.

In the course of an engine overhaul, it is possible to get more power out of a B18A or B20A. A conversion to the B and D versions is relatively easy to do, but more power and displacement are also possible. The necessary parts are available and it would be a pity if this had to fail because of such a small lever.

The idle levers are available now from our shop under the numbers 1056747 and 1056746.


  • Volvo 120, 130, 220: Motor B18B and D, B20B
  • Volvo 140: Motor B18B, B20B
  • Volvo P1800: Motor B18B, B20B
  • Volvo PV544 and P210: Motor B18D

Reference numbers:
237110, 237111

Mon, 10 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0100
Brake fluid reservoir Volvo 200
The brake fluid reservoir for the Volvo 240, 260 and 262 is available again.

The expansion reservoir is a part that is rarely thought about because it never actually breaks. At some point, however, it becomes a nuisance in the freshly refurbished engine compartment because it has become unsightly yellow due to ageing or is dirty from the inside. In individual cases, it does break because it is cracked or broke when the brake master cylinder was replaced.

Such a defective reservoir has been a problem lately: the vehicle manufacturer no longer has it and the search in the accessories trade is also in vain. Second-hand parts are occasionally still available, but they are usually unsightly and brittle because they are now more than thirty years old. It is possible that the brittle used part will break when pressed into the brake master cylinder and the car will be parked a little longer.

That is why we have now included the reservoir in our programme as a remanufactured part. This ensures that in the future your 200 Volvo will not have to stop because of such a "little thing".

The brake fluid reservoir including filler cap is now available in our shop under the number 1058152.


  • Volvo 240
  • Volvo 260
  • Volvo 262

Up to model year 1990, only for vehicles without ABS

Reference number:

Mon, 03 Jan 2022 00:00:00 +0100
Bump stop fuel filler flap Volvo Duett
The solution for non-opening fuel filler flaps on the P210!

On a drive with our Duett it was there again, the little problem with the fuel filler flap. You press the button in the B-pillar and it doesn't open, you have to help it with a sharp fingernail.

There is no reference to a spring or a bumper in the original parts catalogue. However, there is a stop plate on the flap and a hole in the flap frame opposite.
So there must be something there that generates some pre-pressure.

A solution was needed. So I grabbed the caliper gauge, measured the car and searched in our shop for something suitable.
After looking at around ten possible items from our range, we identified four that could roughly fit. We then wanted to try these four parts on the car. In fact, the first one fitted perfectly and does its job perfectly.

The flap opens by itself at the push of a button and can still be closed easily. That's how it should be.

It is a bumper that actually belongs on the glove compartment of a V70. You can find it under article no. 1059283 in our shop.

We now have an inexpensive solution for the missing spare part, which was never officially intended, and which certainly almost corresponds to the original!

Mon, 27 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0100
Aluminium oil filler cap with Volvo logo
High quality aluminium cap with Volvo logo.
Replaces the original cap (reference no. 8692888) of the oil filler neck on the valve cover.
Provides an exclusive look under the bonnet too!
The matching accessory for your Volvo.

Suitable for all vehicles with restrictions Engine type:

  • Volvo 200
  • Volvo 300
  • Volvo 700
  • Volvo 850
  • Volvo 900
  • Volvo C70 (-05)
  • Volvo S40 (-04)
  • Volvo S60
  • Volvo S70
  • Volvo S80 (-06)
  • Volvo S90
  • Volvo V40
  • Volvo V70
  • Volvo V70 (P26)
  • Volvo V90
  • Volvo V70XC
  • Volvo V70XC (XC70)
  • Volvo XC90 (-14)

For an exact check, please first select your vehicle.

Reference No. 8692888

You can find the oil filler cap in our shop under item no. 1067531.

Mon, 20 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0100
Water pipe Saab 95, 96 and Sonett V4
The water pipe from the water pump to the cylinder heads on the Saab 95, 96 and Sonett V4 is available again.

Around the small V4 there are usually four water pipes distributed in the Saab, depending on the year of manufacture, which have not been available for some time.
Three of them can either be replaced by hoses or bent by yourself, the effort is not very big. The fourth one is a bit more complicated, it consists of different cross sections and bifurcates, at that point it is soldered with a sleeve. This is difficult to make with limited workshop resources and knowledge.

Poor, outdated or no coolant at all, thermal influences and moisture in conjunction with road salt, air in the cooling system, all of this puts a strain on the steel coolant pipes, at some point they rust from the inside and outside. Action is required at the latest when coolant leaks out.

Even confronted by an engine removal on a Saab 96 with the poor condition of the original part, we had to find a solution. The form corresponds fully to the original part, it is of high quality and galvanized. The coolant pipe is now available under the item number 1083190 in the store.


  • Saab 95 V4
  • Saab 96 V4
  • Saab Sonett V4

Referenznummer: 8831117

Mon, 13 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0100
Volvo tin toys - works of art from garbage
For many decades, poor but clever constructors in Madagascar have already been assembling the ideal ECO car. Street children also bend their playmobiles themselves from cans, wire and spray cans. The creative idea of this recycling art was taken up by CAN CARS and further developed into a production. Especially the recycled sheet metal models including a Volvo PV544 have aroused our interest.

The transformation of the cans.

After a thorough cleaning of the raw material, the bottoms and lids of the cans are removed. In the process, we already try to cut out funny basic patterns with the most beautiful motifs and graphics.
The models are composed of many individual parts, such as the roof, fenders and doors. For each type, in each size, the producer makes himself a set of templates during the first sample production. These templates are then used, guarded as a personal "trade secret", for marking out and cutting out during subsequent series production. The work steps of cleaning, cutting and scribing are often done by the women or young people of the families. The cut out, individual body parts are then brought by the artist personally, with different tools, by bending and folding into the necessary form.

The most time-consuming part is the clean soldering of the parts to the finished CAN CAR. Like all operations, this is done without any use of machines and gives the iconic objects its unmistakable character. The producers shape the later appearance, the gap and the quality of the models through their experience and a lot of skill. Soldering is done with local tin and homemade soldering irons in a charcoal fire, on which often stands the rice pot.

In local toy manufactories, civilization garbage, lovingly transformed, gets a new value again. The fair direct trade with ATO TÜV currently secures income for over 120 people and preserves traditional crafts. All our sheet metal models from residual materials are limited unique specimens.

About the background

Uwe Marschall was a guest in Madagascar at that time in the context of the development aid and with the round course by the capital of Madagascar immediately the many homeless children struck him, they lay together at walls in groups, only little dressed and snuggled together. He saw children playing with toys made from garbage and an idea came to him.
Based on his 7 years of work as a development worker in Madagascar, Uwe Marschall founded his fair trade company MAHAFALY in 1998.

In close cooperation with local family businesses, the goal is to support traditional handicrafts and to establish niche products, especially from recycled materials, on the local market. All processing stages up to packaging remain in the developing country, exploitative intermediate trade has been eliminated. Fixed contracts, interest-free loans, and price increases according to the cost-of-living index strengthen the producers' will to help themselves and ensure them a steady income.
The products are unique in the world and can be bought, among others, through the online store MAHAFALY as well as the store " Übersee Mahafaly " in Heringsdorf on Usedom, which was founded in 2013. Here you can find from hornware, mother of pearl to wooden objects even precious stones, fossils and fabric items.

Madagascar is one of the ten poorest countries in the world and so the garbage of the rich still provides a small source of income for the many needy people. Whether empty lighters, broken dolls, crooked nails or old syringes, everything that finds a buyer has a value ! Material poverty favors this effective circular economy. The old can becomes the new raw material ! The landfill becomes a construction market !

The producers of CAN CARS have always formed unique sheet metal models from these cans in unbelievable creativity. When the cheaper mass-produced goods from the Far East reached Madagascar as a plastic glut, the production of tin toys in such manufactories died. MAHAFALY revived this tradition with its fair trade project and ensures increasing and good sales.

MAHAFALY supports through donations the street children project MANDA, gives scholarships and ensures direct family help in Madagascar.

A visit on the website or in the store on Usedom is worthwhile in any case and gives Uwe Marschall as well as the people of Madagascar a smile in the face.

If you want to learn more about the topic, you can find more information at and on Uwe Marschall's YouTube channel.

Mon, 06 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0100
Epoqu’Auto 2021
A trade fair report from EPOQU'AUTO in France

Finally, the time had come again. After the EPOQU'AUTO exhibition was cancelled in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, exhibitors and visitors could look forward to three great trade fair days again this year. From 05.11.2021 to 07.11.2021, the "annual" EPOQU'AUTO exhibition took place in Lyon. Right in the middle of it was the Saab Club de France. The exhibition took place in the heart of the halls of Exrexpo Lyon-Chassieu on over 70,000 sqm, with more than 7,000 sqm of themed exhibitions. Epoqu'auto was the only major gathering of collector cars ever organised in France in 2021.

800 exhibitors were represented, including 180 automobile clubs, and for EPOQU'AUTO the show was a huge success with a record 82,000 visitors.

There were some special features again this year:

  • Simca celebrated the birthday of the Aronde (70 years old) and Simca 1000 (60 years old), and numerous models from the brand and its offshoots such as Matra or Talbot were also presented.
  • Bentley exhibition
  • One of the largest exhibitions was that of "Trycles Cars". These little-known pre-war three-wheeled cars were presented in original settings.
  • Sporting suits were represented this year at the Youngtimer stand.

The SAAB CLUB DE France decided to highlight two of its members' SAAB 900s this year. Michel with his 1992 900S convertible and Philippe with his 1991 900 Turbo16. The 2001 SAAB 9-5 AERO estate of Christian, was displayed on the Youngtimer stand.

On the stand of the SAAB CLUB DE FRANCE, commercial brochures of dealers from 1986 to 1991 were displayed, as well as folders with fabric and carpet samples and the colour palettes with which potential buyers could choose their future car colours at that time.

During these three days many visitors came to the stand of the SAAB CLUB which was more than satisfied this year.

Thu, 02 Dec 2021 00:00:00 +0100
Volvo 140 conversion to wood gas
There are people who do crazy things with their cars because they want to stand out or express a personal touch.

And there are people like Niklas Alexandersson, who has a clear idea of how he wants to contribute to the change towards a better world.

Niklas may be a car enthusiast and a typical tinkerer, but at the same time he has become a climate activist through simple reasoning.

His conviction is that it is better to convert existing cars to climate-neutral fuels than to replace old cars with new ones for which further resources have to be consumed first. Keep it simple and stupid! In his opinion, it is best if everyone can repair their own car with simple means and keep it running. No expensive technology, no dependencies on software or the internet. It is better to save energy than to waste energy to create expensive new consumer goods.

People like him who live on the countryside have to make do with local resources, as he says. And if you get stuck, you just ask a neighbour or someone who knows more about it.

This is how he managed to carry out a complete conversion from petrol to wood gas in an old Volvo 140 in his own workshop. The wood grows locally, so there is no need to transport the energy to the consumer.

Already after the Second World War, there were solutions in many places to be able to run vehicles without petrol. Conversion to wood gas was a cheap and easy option.

Niklas explains that during the first major oil crisis in the 1970s, the Swedish government set up its own research department on the subject, which existed until 1996. The purpose was to create substitute solutions in case Sweden lost access to oil and was forced to switch to alternative fuels. In a cooperation with Volvo, a trailer was built with a wood gas unit that could simply be hitched behind the vehicle to convert the engine to run on wood gas. Only the carburettor in the engine compartment had to be converted and connected to a supply line. About 10,000 of these units were produced at the time.

This knowledge has been lost by the manufacturer in the meantime. Instead, they are researching electric drives with batteries.

Niklas is convinced that battery-electric drive cannot be the only solution for the future. He envisions realising more projects with biogas or hydrogen and sharing his knowledge with others.

This is where the internet comes into play for him, so that he can give impulses and share knowledge via his YouTube channel. Through contacts with other enthusiasts around the world, he sees a concrete opportunity to gather and connect experiences from similar projects. His idea is to eventually also pass on his knowledge to others as a consultant for alternative vehicle drives.

For now, another project is on the agenda: converting a Fordson Major tractor to run on wood gas. With the tractor, he and a friend are farming a small piece of land to grow their own vegetables. This is also in line with his philosophy - away from globalised consumption and towards his own regional produce.

Niklas' approach could not fit better with SKANDIX's mission:
Keeping old vehicles running as long as possible!

We thank Niklas for the friendly interview he gave us!

If you want to learn more or plan to get in touch with Niklas, you can find more information on his website, as well as on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

Images courtesy of Niklas Alexandersson.

Mon, 29 Nov 2021 00:00:00 +0100
Filling hose, tank for Volvo 140 estate car
The fuel filler hose for Volvo 145 is available again!

The hose between the tank filler neck and the tank is well protected inside the body of the Volvo 145. Thus it is not exposed to the environmental influences "outside" by being hit by dirt from the rear wheel or similar. This is one reason why it lasts longer than many other vehicles.

Nevertheless, there comes a time when it has to be replaced. It's just a piece of cloth that loses its plasticiser and becomes brittle and cracked. If a body repair or a replacement of the tank should then be necessary, it is usually impossible to remove it in one piece after decades.

The vehicle manufacturer has not offered it for a long time, and the market for NOS or used parts has long since dried up. Because it is a moulded hose with two kinks, this has led to a number of provisional solutions, some of them dangerous. Escaping petrol or vapours in the interior of a vehicle are more than dangerous.

Reason enough for us to have this hose remanufactured.

It is a high-quality version made of two materials with fabric layers in between, the inner part is also resistant to modern fuels. So that you can continue to drive your 145 safely and without odour nuisance or environmental pollution!

The hose between filler neck and tank is now available in our shop under the item number 1075589.

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 140 estate until 1972, until chassis number 119842
  • .

Reference No.: 677924

Mon, 22 Nov 2021 00:00:00 +0100
Lock pin Handle tailgate lock Volvo P1800ES
An important part for the correct function of the tailgate lock on the P1800 ES is available again.

Does the tailgate on your "Snow White's Coffin" open even though it is locked? Then the locking latch is often the reason.

If this locking bolt in the lock of the Volvo P1800ES tailgate is worn, the tailgate can no longer be locked securely. It locks the knob with a tooth to prevent it from being operated when the key is removed.

Since it is worn out on most locks after almost fifty years, we have had it remanufactured. It is now available in our shop under the number 1018984.

Reference no.: 683223

Mon, 15 Nov 2021 00:00:00 +0100
Switch door contact for Volvo 140, 164 and P1800ES available again
After it was no longer available for many years, we have had the contact switch Volvo No. 1215017 (Also replaces the old number 681848) newly manufactured according to the original sample.

The contact switch fits the following vehicles on the front and rear side doors:

  • Volvo 140 (142, 144, 145) until 1972
  • Volvo 164 until 1972

Furthermore, it fits on the Volvo 145 estate until 1972 and on the P1800ES on the tailgate.

You can find the part, which is true to the original in design and function, in the SKANDIX webshop under article number 1018263.

A useful addition is the rubber cap, item number 1035311, which is fitted to the edge of the door light switch and protects the door from paint abrasion.

Thu, 11 Nov 2021 00:00:00 +0100
Gift ideas for fans of Sweden
Whether Christmas, birthday, wedding or just for fun - there are many occasions to bring joy to your loved ones!

If you are still looking for a suitable gift idea, you will find it in our elk shop:

Elk cuddly toys

You can't help but love our moose soft toy with its cuddly soft fur and large antlers. The keychain version is a real eye-catcher and is perfect as a small gift. For all those who need something bigger to cuddle, we have a wide selection of different cuddly toys.
Category: Soft toys

Key ring and bottle opener

Our key rings are the small gift for every avowed Sweden fan. From our bottle opener moose made of high-quality aluminium to the key ring "Moose warning", in gold and metal, up to our car model series, they become a funny, unique and practical gimmick on every key ring.
Category: Key rings

Stainless steel cookie cutters

With our stainless steel biscuit cutters, baking biscuits is twice as much fun. Be it a station wagon or a limousine, an elk's head or a spanner, with our biscuit cutters the bland Christmas biscuits taste much better.
PS: We're not responsible for the dough or burnt biscuits ;-)
Category: Cookie cutters

Books and repair manuals

Giving books as a gift shows that you have thought about the interests of the person you are giving them. So you have made an effort and thought about why which book is the right one - anything but a lovelessly ordered gift!
Category: Books


Whether our popular Ferrari moose, the odometer or the Swedish steel sticker, each of our articles from the sticker assortment is a creative and funny eye-catcher and a statement for every SAAB or Volvo driver.
Category: Stickers


Why not give something as a gift for daily needs? With plenty of space for writing pad, laptop and other odds and ends. For shopping or the office, our elk bags become a practical companion and eye-catcher. Available in black/white and colourful, made of high-quality organic cotton.
Category: Bags

SAAB Jacket

Our comfortable fleece jacket with stand-up collar and continuous zip in a sporty look is the clear SAAB statement. With soft cuffs and numerous design details, such as the embroidered logo on the front and back, it is another SKANDIX brand product. In your leisure time, in the workshop or at every SAAB meeting, with this jacket you will carry your passion to the outside world.
Category: Fleece Jackets

Legendary Engine Shirt

With this T-shirt the name becomes a statement. The "Legendary Engine" shirt is for real engine fans.
As a round-necked T-shirt with 1/2 sleeve length and its imprint of the technical drawing of the legendary engine of the Volvo B18 / B20 it stands for your passion.
No fan of the "Legendary Engine"? - No problem, we also have numerous other motifs in our programme.
Category: T-Shirts

Elk case

The cute moose case is the ideal gift for Scandinavia fans big and small or those who want to become one. With a size of 170mm x 330mm and a height of 50mm it is the perfect size for any kind of bag or school backpack and offers enough space for your pens.
Artikel Nr. 1050381


Here you will find the ideal gift for all cuddle fans. Whether you are a fan of Scandinavia or decoration, whether for the children's room, in the car for longer journeys or simply to keep warm - with our selection of cushions it will be cosy!
Category: Pillows

Swedish flag

Carry your passion to the outside world. With our Sweden flag, 90 cm x 150 cm, it is perfect for decorating your garden, workshop or party room.
Category: Flags

Walter Wackel

Our Nodding moose, also known as Walter Wackel, is a "must-have" for every Scandinavian fan. Cooler and more powerful than any nodding dachshund. Available in light and dark brown, which one suits you?
Category: Nodding Moose


Whether at the workstation in the office or in the home office, with our high-quality mouse pads you can make a clear statement on your desk and ensure a real eye-catcher at the workplace.
Category: Mousepads

Table calendar

An eye-catcher for every day of the year. The desk calendar with 12 high-quality Volvo motifs is an eye-catcher on any desk or kitchen table or windowsill or, or, or.
Volvo desk calendar 2022

The annual companion for Saab lovers

12 new dynamic Saab model highlights are presented in monthly rotation. The perfect gift for yourself, family or friends - high-quality premium print in special format 42 x 29.7 cm.
Saab Calendar 2022


Our Volvo socks make one of the most hated Christmas gifts cool all at once! In three trendy colours, the stockings are a definite highlight for any Volvo fan.
PS: No, there are no matching pants for the socks yet ;-)
Rubrik: Socken

Digital workshop manual / Parts Catalogue

Volvo OTP USB flash drives and online products contain original technical documents officially licensed by Volvo. They are therefore an important aid for every mechanic and an essential tool for every owner of a classic Volvo.
Category: Digital workshop manual / Parts Catalogue

Cups and mugs

Whether it's your morning coffee, cocoa or tea, your favourite drink tastes better when served in your own cup. In our mugs section we offer the right drinking vessel for every taste.
Category: Cups


A great eye-catcher for the living room or workshop at home. A wide range of Volvo motifs in high-quality finish printed on silk-matt photo cardboard in 40x30 cm format.
Category: Poster

Table lamps

The LED table lamps in Classic Car design are the perfect gift for every Volvo lover! Whether as a Christmas decoration in the window or as atmospheric lighting in the workshop, these lamps are a real eye-catcher all year round.
Category: Table lamps

Fleece blankets

Our fleece blanket is just right for a cosy cuddle evening on the sofa, as a chic living accessory or for travelling in the car. The chic elk pattern appeals not only to children but also to adults. Due to the different designs it fits into every room and every taste.
Category: Fleece blankets

Rain jackets and umbrellas

Autumn, wind, rain... what can't be missing? Clearly, our newly arrived rainwear.
Simple but functional through the wet season. With our umbrellas and rain jackets, autumn can come.
Category: Umbrellas

All about baby - welcome to the Volvo family

Even the littlest Volvo fans don't miss out. With our cute and cuddly moose cuddle cloth, the little ones not only have a cute companion for at home, but also for on the road. Combined with our eye-catching Volvo dummy, your baby will be an even cuter eye-catcher and a true Volvo fan.
Elk cuddle cloth.
Volvo Pacifier


Our stylish caps not only protect you from the sun or rain but look great too. No more fussy hair styling before your morning walk or trip to the bakery. With our caps you are always well dressed.

Gift voucher

Not found a suitable gift or not quite sure whether the recipient might like the attention? - Then simply pass on the agony of choice... With our SKANDIX gift vouchers worth between € 10.00 and € 100.00, you are giving a huge selection of high-quality items that will make the heart of every Volvo, SAAB or Sweden fan beat faster.
Category: Gift certificates

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