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The cruise control system shall be automatically deactivated when the brake or clutch pedal is depressed. This is ensured by interrupter switches behind the pedals. If one of the switches is defective, the cruise control cannot be engaged.

At Saab these pedal switches are no longer available as original spare parts for some models. We can now offer these parts from the original "Saab OE Supplier".

Available versions:

1029245 Pedal switch cruise control SKANDIX 1029245
suitable for Saab 900II (94-), 9-3 (-03)
Original number: 4947099
1033310 Pedal switch cruise control SKANDIX 1033310
suitable for vehicles from 1989 onwards: Saab 900 (-93) and 9000
Original number: 4350443 (9522855)
1049274 Pedal switch cruise control SKANDIX 1049274
suitable for vehicles up to 1988: Saab 900 (-93) and 9000
Original number: 9512294 (8587057)

Vehicle models:

  • Saab 900 (-1993): all models
  • Saab 900 (1994-): all models
  • Saab 9000: all models
  • Saab 9-3 (-2003): all models
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Spring check for your vehicle
The weather is slowly getting better, the days longer - it's high time to check your vehicle.

SKANDIX shows you what you should pay attention to:

Change tyres

Change tyresNow that temperatures are rising permanently, you should put on summer tyres again. It is important to inspect the summer tyres for damage and check the tread depth before fitting. According to the law, the lower limit is 1.6mm, but the tyres lose grip even at a tread depth of less than 3mm.

If you have the tyres changed in a workshop, you should have the brakes and chassis checked at this opportunity. If you change the tyres yourself, please follow the instructions for changing wheels in the car's owner's manual, especially if the car is equipped with a tyre pressure control system.

Winter tyres should be cleaned and labelled (front right, rear left, etc.) and stored in a cool, dark and dry place (such places are usually in the cellar ;-) ). Complete wheels should be stored with increased air pressure, one above the other.

Check expiry date of tyre sealant

Spring is here, the vehicle is polished to a high gloss and ready for the cosy Easter excursion. Annoying if the journey has to be interrupted by a flat tire. Even more annoying, however, is when the tyre sealant then no longer performs as expected.
Therefore, please note our Tip on tyre sealant.

Useful things

Clean up and check accessories

Tidy upFree the car from all superfluous things - they cost storage space and quickly add up to a weight that unnecessarily increases fuel consumption. If we ever rummage in the trunk, we can immediately check whether the first aid kit, warning triangle, warning vests (best for all passengers) and tools are still complete and comply with the regulations.

Clean the trunk and interior of the vehicle

Clean the trunk and interiorExtensive ventilation and turning up the heating while driving will drive away a large part of the moisture, a thorough interior cleaning will do the rest. Take doormats out of the car to dry, many also change from rubber to textile mats in spring. Trunk mats prevent the clean floor from getting dirty again when you buy flowers. Don't forget to clean the windscreen from the inside, streaks can significantly reduce visibility.

Check exterior wash and paint

Außenwäsche und Lack kontrollierenVisiting a car wash is comfortable and environmentally friendly. After the winter, we recommend a thorough pre-wash with a steam jet to remove road salt residue and stubborn dirt. Check the paintwork after washing. Smaller stone chips can be treated with a touch-up paint at a reasonable price.

Wiper Check

Wiper CheckWiper blades should always be cleaned and checked regularly. They should be replaced at the latest when the wiper blades become greasy or rubbed.

Caution: Defective or dirty wiper blades can scratch the windscreen!

Finally, check the washing water level.

Useful things:

Engine compartment

Engine compartmentCheck the engine oil and coolant levels with the help of the operating instructions. You should leave the cleaning of the engine compartment to a specialist, engine washing can seriously damage electronic components.

Now you are good prepared with your vehicle.

Below we have included an overview of useful articles and a checklist to download as a PDF document, which you can print out and check off:

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Conversion kit overdrive actuation for Volvo P1800
A new conversion kit to a snapping-in overdrive steering column switch for all Volvo P1800 up to 1969 is available with item number SKANDIX 1071848.

At the Volvo P1800 Jensen and P1800S up to 1964 the overdrive is engaged by a snap-in toggle switch on the dashboard. This is not very comfortable and distracts the driver. From 1965 to 1969 a push button stalk is installed at the steering column which can be actuated by mistake during driving.

In our opinion, a snapping-in control steering column stalk is the better alternative to the two original operating concepts:

  • Comfortable operation directly at the steering wheel
  • Clear feedback
  • Can't be operated so easy by mistake with the knee
  • Depending on the vehicle model, a relay circuit is not required, and thus a source of error is eliminated

The kit supplies a new switch with a new union nut for mounting and wiring materials.

Please find more detailed information and manual on our website with item number 1071848.

References: 664478, 665058

Fits for:

  • all Volvo P1800 Jensen
  • all Volvo P1800S (up to 1969)
Mon, 16 Mar 2020 00:00:00 +0100
Shift bag Saab 900 (-93) available again
SKANDIX has remanufactured the leather shift bag for the Saab 900 Classic (until 1993). Now there is finally an adequate replacement for tattered, torn and dirty shift boot.

This gearshift boot was made from genuine leather according to the original sample and corresponds to the Saab original number 9398215.

The gaiter can also be retrofitted on cars which were originally equipped with a rubber gaiter (Saab genuine number 9344300).

A new gear knob is a useful addition here, because the old one has to be removed anyway to replace the cuff. The knob for vehicles with 5-speed manual transmission is available from us under article number 1073196.

Mon, 09 Mar 2020 00:00:00 +0100
Historic Ice Trophy 2020 - Race report
The Historic Ice Trophy took place from January 20th - 26th 2020 in Altenmarkt/Zauchensee, Austria. Approximately 80 participants with vehicles in the categories classic cars built up to 1984 and youngtimers built up to 1994 were at the start.

Peter Trippacher and his team were among the participants, who has provided us with a report on his participation in the Historic Ice Trophy 2020 below.

6-hour races from 1986 onwards

For this race we used our Volvo 740 2,3l 113 PS. After we had already noticed during comparison drives against my Mercedes 190 on the lung ring that the Volvo can build up a lot of grip and torque, it was not particularly surprising for us, in contrast to the competition, that we were able to keep up with the lap times of the Porsche 911 in the training and also in the race, and in part even undercut them.

But everything in sequence.

In free practice we occupied the 5th place out of 28. In the night qualifying we were able to work our way forward by one place and achieved the 4th starting position for the race the next day. The next day, punctually at 07:00 am the 6-hour race started. We could immediately put pressure on the Swiss 911 in front of us. The fastest laps of the race are driven in the first 3 laps, as the ice is still the most grippy at this time. We reached our fastest lap in the second round, which was only 5 hundredths slower than the Porsche.

Volvo 740 - Historic Ice Trophy 2020

Volvo 740 - Historic Ice Trophy 2020

Unfortunately, the Swiss pilot turned directly in front of us, so that we could not penetrate the inside of the curve and were overtaken by 2 cars.
After about 2.5 hours driving time, I handed over our speeding wall unit on P3 to Hannes, who, in contrast to some of his opponents, did his laps without a ride or accident.

In the 66th race lap we made our second of three compulsory driver changes and I took over the 740 again. In the meantime, in contrast to the starting phase, you had to find a completely different line to be able to drive fast laps. After another 21 laps we came to our last driver change and at the same time the only refueling stop at the pits. This had to be fast and without mistakes, because the team behind us didn't need to refuel.
So we got out of the driver's seat, Hannes got in, walked around the car and in the passenger seat back into our device, while the rest of the team fed the thirsty Swede with the petrol canister.
We got back on the track in time before the BMW in 4th place and in the last turn we were constantly 3 to 4 seconds per lap faster than our pursuers.
After 99 laps we steered our good 740 lying on the third place to the winner photo on the start-finish straight.

6 hour races up to 1985

For this race I have brought my completely new built Saab 99 16v Turbo T5 to the start, in which the experiences of the previous years have been incorporated.

We could already finish the training with the absolute fastest times on P1. Thus we were of course allowed in qualifying as the first car on the track. But the car felt completely different on the first few metres, it didn't build up any boost pressure, understeered and oversteered, it felt like a flat tyre. So I had to crawl around the track for the first lap and let the whole field overtake. Arriving at the pits it turned out that the handbrake was frozen on the left rear wheel during the time between practice and qualifying. After a few brave loosening exercises the chase went on to the pole position. But now I had over 30 cars in front of me. After a lot of overtaking manoeuvres we were able to fight for second place on lap 4.

Saab 99 16v Turbo T5 - Historic Ice Trophy 2020

Saab 99 16v Turbo T5 - Historic Ice Trophy 2020

Again at 07:00 in the morning the 6 hour race started. Already in the first turn I was able to overtake the pole setter and take the lead. Afterwards we were able to pull away from the field with about 4 seconds per lap.
After 43 leading laps and over 4 minutes ahead of P2 we took turns at the steering wheel for the first time. Hannes took over the car again and could immediately drive the required lap times. In the 70th lap suddenly a radio message came out of the car that the engine had stopped and was difficult to start again, first suspicion tank empty.
Car will come to the pits in the next lap, we fill up to the brim and do a quick check. I jump back into 99 and try to keep the lead, but the engine dies off in every left turn.

Technical failure after more than 70 laps at the top, similar to 2019 where we also stopped in the lead with a broken primary drive.

As we couldn't find the fault on the track and the afternoon was race-free, we loaded up the Saab and drove to our Saabspezis Sepp and Sepp Sticht Junior to find out the secret of the turbo with the help of the testers. Shortly before the two of them arrived I had an idea what it could be. The catchtank we installed is filled on the right side with the help of a pre-feed pump and canceled on the left side with a second pump. Since the engine ran straight ahead and in right turns without any problems, the fuel filter in front of the pre-feed pump had to be clogged. Promptly the suction pipe as well as the filter was so clogged that the first pump had only minimal gasoline flow and therefore could not fill the catch tank. The tank was cleaned in advance, but due to the stress on the track, it seems that still existing incrustations had loosened from the tank walls. Thereupon we cleaned the complete system and installed a 12 mm suction pipe, promptly the engine ran again without grumbling.
So we started again on the motorway and to Altenmarkt, because there was still one race to race for the 99.

4-hour races up to the year 1976

With a little bit uncertain if everything is 100% working again we could finish the training with 0,2 seconds behind last year's winner Käfer on P2. In the following qualifying we pressed everything out of the 2 litre turbo and could reach the pole position with almost 4 seconds ahead of the second placed car.

Saab 99 - Historic Ice Trophy 2020

Saab 99 - Historic Ice Trophy 2020

On Saturday at 08:00 in the morning we started our third endurance race this week. Due to the somewhat milder temperatures during the night, the track was a bit more slippery this time from the beginning, which caused us a bit more problems in the fast uphill section compared to the rear-wheel drive cars with a barrier. But I was able to set the pace from the top and after 35 laps I handed over to Hannes again with a 35 second lead. On this day he had a bit more problems to find the necessary grip and did not feel 100% comfortable in the car. He finished his turn again safely and without failures and handed over our bike to me again on the 50th lap. Shortly after that I suddenly had to fight with a loose steering column while braking from the fastest passage (the lower retaining bar was torn).

After another 4 laps I made a driver change without driver change. (Driver gets out, runs once around the car). In the remaining time we were able to set much faster times than the leading Opel Ascona but it was not enough to catch up with the leading Opel Ascona. We finished this year's Historic Ice Trophy 2020 in second place in the 4-hour race.

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Repair kit bumper reinforcement for Volvo 200
With the SKANDIX repair kits, damaged bumper beams can be reattached to the mounting points.

The original bumper reinforcement is made of aluminium and has pressed-in steel studs. Due to contact corrosion, it can happen that the aluminium around the studs corrodes away ("rust") - the studs tear out.

Since the bumper reinforcements are no longer available as new parts, we have made different repair kits for front and rear. For a lasting repair without new contact corrosion, each of our repair kits comes with rubber pads to insulate the materials.

Both carriers, Volvo original number 1247210 and 1372131, can be repaired with our set.

The repair kits are suitable for

  • Volvo 240 since 1981
  • Volvo 260 since 1981

Part numbers:

Mon, 24 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0100
Available again: Trailer hitch Volvo 700, 900, S90, V90
Now available again: The trailer hitch for your Volvo 700, 900, S90 (-98) or V90 (-98)

When transporting trailers, do only trust a new part. Be careful with used trailer hitches - in addition to rust, damage and missing type plates, the ball head is often worn and no longer has the minimum permissible diameter.

With SKANDIX article number 1076066 you will receive a newly manufactured trailer hitch with rigid ball head ("not removable").

The maximum towing capacity is 1600 kg. In combination with the reinforcement set for the chassis, article no. 1015479, a load of 1800 kg or even 1900 kg is possible*.

Scope of delivery:

  • Including mounting kit
  • Including assembly instructions
  • Without electric cable set (1002424, 1015408)

*Note: In principle, the tensile load listed in the vehicle documents is the permissible upper limit. Please discuss the load in advance with your TÜV station.

Mon, 17 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0100
Hand brake lever in the brake drum for Volvo Amazon and P1800
Lever for the handbrake in the brake drum - now there is a replacement:
SKANDIX 1075374 and 1075375 are newly manufactured levers for the handbrake in the brake drum of the Volvo P1800 and Amazon.

These levers fit as replacement for all 3 lever variants, which were installed in the brake drum of cars with 1-circuit brake system and manual adjuster. You can recognize the manual adjuster by the fact that a square end protrudes out of the brake anchor plate. You can use this to turn the brake back completely when the brake shoes are worn or to remove the brake drum.

The upper pin on the handbrake lever is attached to the rear brake shoe. This pin wears out over time or comes off the lever. Since the original spare parts have not been available for many years, we have the parts remanufactured.
When the handbrake cable is pulled, the levers are pulled forward in the brake drum. The connecting plate suspended in the lever (see SKANDIX 1018309) presses the brake shoes outwards against the drum - the handbrake engages.

You will find the handbrake levers immediately under article numbers 1075374 (left) and 1075375 (right) in our webshop.

Suitable for:

  • Volvo P1800 Jensen
  • Volvo P1800S until 1968
  • Volvo 120, 130, 220 Amazon from 1961 to 1968

The parts correspond to the Volvo original numbers: 662500, 662501, 669520, 669521, 671202, 671203

Mon, 10 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0100
Vintage Volvo Poster
Decoration idea for retro fans: Vintage posters from old stock - no reprint!

A great eye-catcher for living room or workshop. A variety of Volvo motifs in high-quality design printed on silk-matt photo cardboard in 40x30 cm format. This cardboard is a bit stronger than photo paper and has a slightly structured surface.

Volvo advertising motifs and vehicle views elaborately staged in the unmistakable retro look of the 50s and 60s.
Including the following car types: Volvo PV, 120, 130, 220, 140, 164, P1800, P1900.

Available from us in limited edition as long as stocks last.

Suitable accessories: Swedish picture frame "Ribba" from IKEA with passepartout 40x50 cm or full size 30x40 cm (not included).

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Volvo Amazon at the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique
From 29.01. to 05.02.2020 the Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique will take place. Only cars that are at least 40 years old are allowed to participate.

The participants start from Athens, Glasgow, Bad Homburg, Milan, Barcelona, Reims and Monte-Carlo for a rallye to Buis-les-Baronnies (Drôme Provençale). The actual rallye starts here on February, 1st. Numerous special stages are on the agenda. The route leads through the Maritime Alps to Monaco, where the finish will be on February, 5th.

Among the prominent starters is Walter Röhrl in a Porsche 911 from the 1970s, who has won the "big" Monte-Carlo Rally four times with four different automobile brands.

Some historic Volvos are also taking part this time. For example, SKANDIX customer Dan Alven from Sweden is facing this challenge with his Volvo Amazon. Despite good preparation, shortly before the start the race would nearly have been ended for him due to defective clutch parts - but SKANDIX was able to help and deliver the appropriate spare parts to Monaco within 24 hours, thus saving Dan's participation.

We keep our fingers crossed for a good placement and wish all participants a lot of fun and success at this unique event!

The results of the individual special stages and more pictures can be found on the official website of the rallye under the following links.

Mon, 03 Feb 2020 00:00:00 +0100
Roller tensioners and pulleys for window regulators Volvo PV and Amazon available again
SKANDIX has reinstalled the roller tensioner and the upper pulley for the window regulators on Volvo Amazon and PV.

The original spare parts have not been available for many years.

With the upper deflection pulleys the pulley itself usually breaks. A replacement pulley including a new holding rivet / axle as a repair part can be found here:

Article No. 1075007: Door front Volvo PV, Amazon
Article No. 1075008: Door rear Volvo Amazon

With the roller tensioner, the tensioning screw will also rust. Here we have decided to have the entire component manufactured anew.

With article no. 1068999 you will receive a completely pre-assembled part consisting of roller, bracket, tension spring and tension screw with nuts. As an improvement compared to the original, the screw and nuts of our tensioner are made of stainless steel. This avoids corrosion and thus retightening is possible without any problems even after several years.

The roller tensioner is suitable for the doors of Volvo PV444, PV544 and for the front doors of all Volvo Amazon.

Volvo original numbers roller tensioner:

  • 673794 (old no. 658520)
  • 14678
  • 92612
  • 955826 (old no. 151224)

Volvo original numbers upper pulleys:

  • 653739
  • 673793
  • 670319
  • 658519
  • 92230
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New turn signal lenses for Saab 95/96 from 1978
SKANDIX has now re-manufactured the turn signal lenses for Saab 95 and Saab 96 models since 1978. Thus there is finally an adequate replacement for faded and broken lenses.

The parts were manufactured in Germany according to the original sample and are available for both sides:

1006236 front left, corresponds to original number 7284458
1006237 front right, corresponds to original number 7284466

The turn signal lenses are white-orange. By the way, there is no USA version, because at the end of 1973 no Saab 95/96 was exported to the USA anymore.

Mon, 20 Jan 2020 00:00:00 +0100
Historic Ice Trophy 2020 at Altenmarkt/Zauchensee
The Historic Ice Trophy will take place again from 20.01. - 26.01.2020 in Altenmarkt/Zauchensee, Austria. Around 80 participants with vehicles in the categories classic cars built up to 1984 and youngtimers built up to 1994 will be at the start.

The Classic HIT and Youngtimer Cup will be held on an icy circuit (without salt and gritting) as a regularity competition with training, qualification, pre-final, final and super-final runs. Over 6 days numerous competitions in the different vehicle categories take place.

Peter Trippacher and his team have already participated in the Historic Ice Trophy several times, who kindly provided us with a short report from previous years.

His team consists of:
Peter Trippacher
Hannes Fischer
Bernd Heller
Dominik Schmidt (son of Peter)

In 2017, Peter Trippacher's team changed from Porsche to Saab 96 for this event, with which they drove both the 4 and 6-hour races in 2017 and 2018.

1st place 6 hours
2nd place 4 hours

3rd place 6 hours
1st place 4 hours

In 2019 the team changed to a Saab 99 CC modelyear 1974 with 8V turbo engine. Since 2019 there are two 6 hour races (until modelyear 1985 and since 1986)
In the 6 hour race they took 2nd place.
In the 4 hour race they unfortunately retired after 1.5 hours with a 1.5 minute lead in 1st place with a technical defect (primary drive).

For 2020 Peter Trippacher has built a Saab 99 Sedan with 16V Turbo and Trionic5 control. With this the team will start in the 4 hour race and in the 6 hour race for modelyears until 1985. 7mm spike class he has still driven with his Porsche 944, 2020 he will start in this class with the Saab 99.

For the 6 hour race for modelyears from 1986 the team has made a Volvo 740 ready to start. This comes from 1st hand and has never been driven in winter before.

Already on 05.01.2020 the team starts with a Mercedes 190 at the 4 hours ice marathon at the Lungauring.

For these events there are strict tire regulations. For the long distance races, only commercially available road studs with a 2mm projection that are approved for traffic in Austria may be used.

Spectators are very welcome to attend the Historic Ice Trophy in Altenmarkt/Zauchensee and the Ice Marathon at Lungauring/St. Michael and can experience the feeling of racing on ice up close.

Perhaps you'd like to join us at short notice - Peter Trippacher and his team would be delighted to have a motivated audience on site!


Historic Ice Trophy

Schlatterbergweg 5
A-5541 Altenmarkt-Zauchensee (Austria)

20.01. - 26.01.2020

Thu, 16 Jan 2020 00:00:00 +0100