SKANDIX News News regarding Volvo, Saab, Rallyesport, Spareparts, Events as well as Press releases from SKANDIX. en_US Fri, 01 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0100 Fri, 01 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0100 240 Repair kit Petrol vapor extraction for Volvo 850, C70 (-05), S40 (-04), S70, V40 (-04), V70 and V70XC
A repair kit for the petrol vapour extraction line of many Volvo 850, S/V40 as well as S/V/C70 and V70XC with turbo engines is available.

For many of these cars, the line from the charcoal canister to the intake manifold was only available complete from the vehicle manufacturer. Volvo probably wanted to make sure that the check valves were always installed the right way round. The direction of installation is important for turbo engines because there can be both negative and positive pressure in the intake manifold. The check valves are necessary so that the boost pressure is not forced into the activated carbon filter and the petrol vapour from the tank ventilation is only extracted in the partial load range or when the throttle is released.

If the line is defective, it can lead to various unpleasant symptoms, from the smell of petrol in the engine compartment to confused engine control due to bypass air and loss of boost pressure. The latter, of course, lead to loss of power, idling problems and errors in the fault memory.

Unfortunately, these lines have been dropped by the vehicle manufacturer without replacement. That's why we've put some thought into this and put together all the parts needed for these lines in one set.

So that your turbo Volvo does not smell unpleasant or run bumpily and has its full performance, the repair kits for the petrol vapour extraction are now available in our shop under the number 1088999.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 850: model from 1995, engine B5254T, B5204T2
  • Volvo C70 (-2005): Model up to 1998, engine all petrol with turbo 5 cylinder 4 valve
  • Volvo S40, V40 (-2004): all models, engine all petrol with turbo
  • Volvo S70, V70, V70XC (-2000): Model until 1998, engine all petrol with turbo 5 cylinders

30620590, 9445436, 30850925

Fri, 01 Dec 2023 00:00:00 +0100
Bushing trailing arm wheel carrier multilink axle for Volvo 700 and 900
The multi-link rear axles of the Volvo 760, 780, 960 and S/V90 were designed quite elaborately in order to increase safety and comfort compared to the old rigid axle.

Regardless of whether Multilink l or ll, the total of four control arms per side, the wheel bearing housing and the rather powerful axle carrier require a large number of different suspension bushes.

This is the problem for many vehicle owners: the high-quality original parts are often worn out for the first time, the rubber is brittle and cracked, the vulcanization on the metal parts is peeling off due to age and corrosion. There can then be no question of precise wheel guidance, it becomes dangerous at some point and is rightly criticized at the general inspection. And then suddenly parts are no longer available.

In recent years, many bushings have gradually been discontinued by the vehicle manufacturer without replacement; after all, the latest cars are now 25 years old.

The aftermarket manufacturers have never shown any particular interest in reproductions due to the large number of bushes and the comparatively small number of vehicles.

Of course, we receive frequent requests for the bushes and have already had some reproduced in the past. We have now had the bushing in the wheel carrier, also known as the steering knuckle or wheel bearing housing, reproduced.

The trailing arm is guided in the wheel carrier in this bushing. This bushing is the same for all multilink axles in the 700 and 900 Volvo.

The bushes are now available in our store under the number 1022625.

Suitable for:

  • Volvo 760 4-door: model from 1988
  • Volvo 780: model from 1988
  • Volvo 960 4-door: model until 1994
  • Volvo 960: model from 1995
  • Volvo S90, V90 (-1998)


Wed, 29 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0100
Pivot pin for the bearing of the clutch fork in Volvo 850, S70, V70 I
The pivot for the release fork of the Volvo 850, S70 and V70 is available again.

We ordered the reproduction of the ball socket for the pivot in the spring and have had it in the store since March. Barely four months later we received the message from the vehicle manufacturer that the pivot would no longer be available.

Thanks to the remaining stock in our warehouse, we were able to react promptly and have this part remanufactured in a local turning shop according to the original sample.

This time, thanks to the quick response, we actually succeeded in remaining able to deliver throughout!

When the plastic ball cup on the 850 is worn, it sometimes falls apart, then the trunnion is massively affected. If the surface of the trunnion is first attacked, then the ball socket wears out much faster, of course.

Since these two small parts are vital for clutch actuation in the Volvo 850 and early S/V70, the question of remanufacturing answered itself.

The pivot pin is now available in our store under the number 1023075.

fits vehicles with manual transmission:

  • Volvo 850
  • Volvo S70, V70 (-1997)


Fri, 24 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0100
Saab wall calendar 2024
This high-quality photo calendar accompanies you through the entire year 2024 with 12 outstanding photo motifs by and for Saab lovers. The perfect gift for yourself, family or friends. The Saab Calendar 2024 impresses with its high-quality premium print in DIN A3 format.

Also a great Christmas present!

  • Photo calendar with 12 great motifs
  • Wall calendar
  • Monthly view
  • Size 29.7 x 42 cm (DIN A3)
  • Pages can be folded down thanks to Wire-O binding

Suitable for all Saab fans and drivers of:

  • Saab 96
  • Saab 900
  • Saab 9000
  • Saab 93
  • Saab 9-4X
  • Saab Sonett II
  • Saab 92
  • Saab 95
  • Saab Sonett III
  • Saab 900
  • Saab 9-5 II

You can find the calendar in our store under item no. 1091464.
Get it now while stocks last!

Wed, 22 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0100
Gift ideas for fans of Sweden
Whether Christmas, birthday, wedding or just for fun - there are many occasions to bring joy to your loved ones!

If you are still looking for a suitable gift idea, you will find it in our elk shop:

Elk cuddly toys

You can't help but love our moose soft toy with its cuddly soft fur and large antlers. The keychain version is a real eye-catcher and is perfect as a small gift. For all those who need something bigger to cuddle, we have a wide selection of different cuddly toys.
Category: Soft toys

Key ring and bottle opener

Our key rings are the small gift for every avowed Sweden fan. From our bottle opener moose made of high-quality aluminium to the key ring "Moose warning", in gold and metal, up to our car model series, they become a funny, unique and practical gimmick on every key ring.
Category: Key rings

Stainless steel cookie cutters

With our stainless steel biscuit cutters, baking biscuits is twice as much fun. Be it a station wagon or a limousine, an elk's head or a spanner, with our biscuit cutters the bland Christmas biscuits taste much better.
PS: We're not responsible for the dough or burnt biscuits ;-)
Category: Cookie cutters

Books and repair manuals

Giving books as a gift shows that you have thought about the interests of the person you are giving them. So you have made an effort and thought about why which book is the right one - anything but a lovelessly ordered gift!
Category: Books


Whether our popular Ferrari moose, the odometer or the Swedish steel sticker, each of our articles from the sticker assortment is a creative and funny eye-catcher and a statement for every SAAB or Volvo driver.
Category: Stickers


Why not give something as a gift for daily needs? With plenty of space for writing pad, laptop and other odds and ends. For shopping or the office, our elk bags become a practical companion and eye-catcher. Available in black/white and colourful, made of high-quality organic cotton.
Category: Bags

SAAB Jacket

Our comfortable fleece jacket with stand-up collar and continuous zip in a sporty look is the clear SAAB statement. With soft cuffs and numerous design details, such as the embroidered logo on the front and back, it is another SKANDIX brand product. In your leisure time, in the workshop or at every SAAB meeting, with this jacket you will carry your passion to the outside world.
Category: Fleece Jackets

Legendary Engine Shirt

With this T-shirt the name becomes a statement. The "Legendary Engine" shirt is for real engine fans.
As a round-necked T-shirt with 1/2 sleeve length and its imprint of the technical drawing of the legendary engine of the Volvo B18 / B20 it stands for your passion.
No fan of the "Legendary Engine"? - No problem, we also have numerous other motifs in our programme.
Category: T-Shirts

Cups and mugs

Whether it's your morning coffee, cocoa or tea, your favourite drink tastes better when served in your own cup. In our mugs section we offer the right drinking vessel for every taste.
Category: Cups


Here you will find the ideal gift for all cuddle fans. Whether you are a fan of Scandinavia or decoration, whether for the children's room, in the car for longer journeys or simply to keep warm - with our selection of cushions it will be cosy!
Category: Pillows

Swedish flag

Carry your passion to the outside world. With our Sweden flag, 90 cm x 150 cm, it is perfect for decorating your garden, workshop or party room.
Category: Flags


Whether at the workstation in the office or in the home office, with our high-quality mouse pads you can make a clear statement on your desk and ensure a real eye-catcher at the workplace.
Category: Mousepads

Table calendar

An eye-catcher for every day of the year. The desk calendar with 12 high-quality Volvo motifs is an eye-catcher on any desk or kitchen table or windowsill or, or, or.
Volvo desk calendar 2024

The annual companion for Saab lovers

12 outstanding photo motifs by and for Saab lovers. The perfect gift for yourself, family or friends - the Saab Calendar 2024 impresses with its high-quality premium print in 29.7 x 42 cm format.
Saab Calendar 2024


Our Volvo socks make one of the most hated Christmas gifts cool all at once! In three trendy colours, the stockings are a definite highlight for any Volvo fan.
PS: No, there are no matching pants for the socks yet ;-)
Rubrik: Socken

Digital workshop manual / Parts Catalogue

Volvo OTP USB flash drives and online products contain original technical documents officially licensed by Volvo. They are therefore an important aid for every mechanic and an essential tool for every owner of a classic Volvo.
Category: Digital workshop manual / Parts Catalogue

Table lamps

The LED table lamps in Classic Car design are the perfect gift for every Volvo lover! Whether as a Christmas decoration in the window or as atmospheric lighting in the workshop, these lamps are a real eye-catcher all year round.
Category: Table lamps


Ideal gifts for big and small Scandinavia fans or those who want to become one. Whether it's indoors in bad weather with Swedish Memory or an eye for an eye with Viking chess outdoors.
Category: Toy


Wristwatches are timeless gifts that always bring joy. Especially the watches in Volvo or Saab design are a great gift idea, which have been specially designed to incorporate elements from the vehicle interior.
What are you waiting for? The time is running!
Category: Watch

All about baby - welcome to the Volvo family

Even the littlest Volvo fans don't miss out. With our cute and cuddly moose cuddle cloth, the little ones not only have a cute companion for at home, but also for on the road. Combined with our eye-catching Volvo dummy, your baby will be an even cuter eye-catcher and a true Volvo fan.
Elk cuddle cloth.
Volvo Pacifier

Rain jackets and umbrellas

Autumn, wind, rain... what can't be missing? Clearly, our newly arrived rainwear.
Simple but functional through the wet season. With our umbrellas and rain jackets, autumn can come.
Category: Umbrellas


Our stylish caps not only protect you from the sun or rain but look great too. No more fussy hair styling before your morning walk or trip to the bakery. With our caps you are always well dressed.
Category: Cap

Gift voucher

Not found a suitable gift or not quite sure whether the recipient might like the attention? - Then simply pass on the agony of choice... With our SKANDIX gift vouchers worth between € 10.00 and € 100.00, you are giving a huge selection of high-quality items that will make the heart of every Volvo, SAAB or Sweden fan beat faster.
Category: Gift certificates

Fri, 17 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0100
SKANDIX desk calendar 2024 - Volvo vehicles
All good things come in threes. That's why the SKANDIX desk calendar is back for the third time. The new calendar will also accompany you in 2024 with 12 great Volvo models on impressive backgrounds.

Also a great Christmas present!

  • Photo calendar with 12 great motifs
  • Compact format as an eye-catcher for your desk
  • Monthly view with calendar weeks
  • Desk calendar to stand up with fold-out support
  • Pages can be folded down thanks to Wire-O binding

Suitable for all Volvo fans and drivers of:

  • Volvo XC40
  • Volvo S60
  • Volvo S70
  • Volvo PV544
  • Volvo 244
  • Volvo 66
  • Volvo V40 I
  • Volvo 142
  • Volvo V50
  • Volvo 740
  • Volvo V70 III
  • Volvo 960

You can find the calendar in our store under item no. 1091227.
Get it now while stocks last!

Wed, 15 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0100
What this bumper car has to do with a Saab 96
A report about bumper cars?
SKANDIX is a specialist for Volvo and Saab vehicles!

If you think SKANDIX has lost its marbles, you're wrong. Because we also sell spare parts for bumper cars, or rather for IHLE microskooters.

Our indicator lenses (1002886, 1072760) were until now only known in the context of the fancy Saab 96. But we were taught better here, said glasses were misappropriated as rear lights on the IHLE microskooters in the 1970s. The front lights for the IHLE Mikro were fog lights which were also used on the Porsche 356, 911 or 912.

With this in mind... A new round, a new amazing drive!

PS: This is not the first time that SKANDIX spare parts have gone astray. Back in 2011, we published a report on the Stromberg 175 carburettor diaphragm, which also fits BMW motorbikes.

Many thanks for the information and pictures to Oliver Ehm

Fri, 10 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0100
Storage center console with holder for Volvo P1800
The storage compartment with holder on the gimbal tunnel for P1800 to 1969 is available again.

The original Volvo tray is simply a must in the P1800, important little things like keys, cell phone, wallet or papers you have so immediately within reach.

Unfortunately, the part has not been available as a new part for a long time, used parts are almost never on the market. The usefulness and the classic-simple aesthetics convinced us that there must be a reproduction, also we were asked again and again.

So we had the storage compartment and holder remade from original samples. We installed it, tried it out and found it to be good.

The storage compartment with holder is now available in our store under the number 1057370.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo P1800: model until 1969


Fri, 03 Nov 2023 00:00:00 +0100
Volvo & Saab in the cemetery
It's Halloween again and therefore spooky time....
Images of cemeteries, where the undead rise from their graves, come to mind.
Dutch photographer Jascha Hoste from Groningen has developed a preference for such places and situations. He photographs abandoned places. He is also fond of old cars. He has published numerous videos of Volvo graveyards and Saab graveyards on YouTube.

If you like to immerse yourself in this special, somewhat morbid atmosphere, you should also pay a visit to his other social media channels.

Tue, 31 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0100
Mothballing a classic car the right way
Since many classic cars go into hibernation, unlike the more modern everyday cars, we describe here step by step what you should look out for when "mothballing".

Winter quarters

The optimal winter quarters are dry, well ventilated and have a constant room temperature. You can improve the climate in your garage with electric dehumidifiers or set up simple granulate dehumidifiers.


After a season on the road, your classic car will be happy to receive a thorough wash and paint care, as well as care for the rubber parts, chrome parts and interior. Chrome parts can also be thinly coated with technical Vaseline (resin and acid-free) to protect against rust.

Now is also the right time to lubricate the door hinges and treat any stone chips.

Warm-up and dry run

It should not remain with the short round to the car wash and petrol station. If you warm up the engine again on a longer stretch before turning it off, you prevent condensation from standing in the exhaust system over the winter. In addition, residual washing water can escape from all the cracks.

Fill it up

Our classics with steel tanks should be filled up before hibernation, otherwise condensation - and eventually rust - can form in the tank. Petrol stabiliser additives are a useful supplement.
A tip from my own experience with modern fuel types is to fill up petrol engines with high-quality 102-octane fuel. This should be done a few kilometres before parking so that the fuel can also reach the float chambers. Such fuel types are much more stable in the long term and do not lead to unwanted corrosion or sticking in carburettors or petrol pumps. The tank does not suffer either, as water separation cannot occur with 102 octane thanks to the lack of biofuel content.
The starting behaviour in spring is considerably better.


It is best to disconnect the battery. Use a trickle charger or recharge the battery with a normal charger every 2-3 months.

For non-maintenance batteries, check the fluid level and top up with distilled water if necessary. Never top up with battery acid.

Attention when working on the battery: Please observe the general safety regulations, e.g. wear protective goggles, avoid naked flames and sparks - please also do not smoke, risk of explosion!


Engine oil from the driving season may contain corrosion-promoting components. It is best to change the engine oil before decommissioning. Further preservation measures on the engine are only necessary if the vehicle is decommissioned for several years.

Check the radiator antifreeze! It also acts as corrosion protection in the engine and lubricates the water pump. The special requirements of your vehicle must be taken into account here. The radiator antifreeze should be changed every 4 years, as the corrosion protection effect wears off over time.

Antifreeze in the wiper water tank ensures that no unwanted damage occurs when the vehicle is stored in cold conditions. In the worst case scenario, the wiper fluid tank could burst and the leaking water could damage other parts.

Increase tyre pressure or jack up vehicle

To avoid flat tyres, the tyre pressure should be increased to approx. 2.5 - 3.5 bar. Observe the maximum permissible pressure for your tyres; on modern tyres this is written on the tyre sidewall. Sie können das Auto auch aufbocken, um das Fahrwerk zusätzlich zu entlasten.

The final touch

Now it's time to say goodbye. Raise the windscreen wipers, roll down the windows a crack and cover the car with an air-permeable blanket.

In addition, you can still close the air filter inlet and the exhaust tailpipe with an oil-soaked rag.

Out of sight out of mind?

Now is the time to carry out any maintenance, repairs or planned conversions that are due. If the car is not jacked up, it should be pushed back and forth from time to time to further reduce the risk of stalls.

If the engine still has felt seals (e.g. crankshaft), it is advisable to turn the engine by hand from time to time so that the felt seals are supplied with oil and do not dry out.

It is also worthwhile to have a look at the brake lines. Remove any dirt and preserve them, for example with fluid film, multi-wax or rope grease. If corrosion has occurred, remove it thoroughly and prime with Brunox.

On some youngtimers, it is advisable to remove the wheel arch shells once and remove any dirt behind them. After cleaning, it is advisable to seal the cavities, as rust is sometimes hidden there.

Once your pet is well out of hibernation and the first warm rays of spring sunshine are peeking through the branches, you can refer to our checklist for getting fit in spring" - see the link below.

Fri, 27 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0200
Volvo 480 Graffiti
This ist the story of the Volvo 480 Graffiti, initiator Jan Wichert tells how it came about:

In spring 2023, a Volvo 480 meeting with over 20 vehicles took place in Melle and Osnabrück. A stopover on our round trips was the legendary discotheque Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon. I am good friends with the owner of the place. Since the entire facades of the club are decorated with graffiti, I thought it would be an exciting and unusual photo location for the participants and their cars. To create the perfect graffiti background, I hired a graffiti artist, who also does a lot for the club, to spray a facade with the Volvo 480 logo the day before the meeting. We had agreed on the motif in advance.

We were also able to park our 480 on the dance floor.
As the car park at Hyde Park is big enough, we also invited the Saab Club and the Osnabrück Oldtimer Club to Hyde Park.

The facades are available to all sprayers as a legal area, and so the 480 logo has been painted over in the meantime - but the photos and memories remain.

For more information on the project, see the following links.

Fri, 20 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0200
Winter check for your vehicle
It's not just the chocolate Santas in the supermarket that tell us we're heading for winter. But also steadily falling temperatures and the ever earlier onset of darkness. SKANDIX has put together a practical checklist for you to download to prepare your vehicle for winter. You will also find some tips and tricks that you should take to heart.

Frost protection

Radiator antifreeze Before the onset of winter, it is important to have the right amount of antifreeze in the coolant. Otherwise, the cooling water can freeze and, in the worst case, this leads to engine damage. Therefore, the cooling water should be checked with the help of a antifreeze tester to determine the antifreeze content in the cooling water.


If the vehicle is stationary for long periods, a battery preservation device can be connected to the battery to prevent sulphation (loss of capacity) of the battery.
If these methods still do not help and the battery is at its end, a new battery is needed.

Also remember the battery in the radio remote control. If they are a bit older, they can quickly fail completely in winter. Some cars can then no longer be started because of the immobiliser. Therefore, it is better to replace them with new batteries early on in the winter.

Winter is a stress test for the technology in our cars. The battery in particular suffers from the winter temperatures. That's why you should take care of the battery early on. On the one hand, fully charging the battery helps, but the fluid level should also be checked frequently for batteries that are not maintenance-free and the battery should be topped up with distilled water. It is also helpful to check the poles for corrosion. If necessary, clean the poles and pole terminals with a special brush and seal them with polish grease. Still carry a jumper cable just in case. Battery grease

Winter tyres

In Germany, winter tires are compulsory in poor road conditions. If possible, winter tyres should not be older than 6 years and have a tread depth of at least 4 mm. The legal minimum is 1.6 mm. The production date of the tyre is written as a 4-digit number combination on the sidewall. (2818), for example, means 28th calendar week 2018. Some tyre manufacturers give a longer DOT number code, which contains additional information. Here, the last 4 digits indicate the production date.

Tread-depth-gauge With a tire tread gauge, you can easily and accurately measure the tread depth of your car tyres. New tyres have a tread depth of 8-9 mm. The legal minimum tread depth in Germany is 1.6 mm for summer and winter tyres. The minimum tread law makes no distinction between summer and winter tyres. For safety reasons, we recommend at least 4 mm tread depth for all-season and winter tyres and at least 3 mm tread depth for summer tyres. When driving abroad, please observe the regulations applicable there.

Some car tyres have so-called wear indicators (usually marked "TWI" on the edge of the tyre). If the tread is worn down so far that it is level with the small ridges in the tread grooves, a tyre change is necessary. However, this tyre wear indicator is not particularly reliable.

Damage to the rims or wheel caps as well as missing trim caps for the wheel bolts are usually only cosmetic problems, but have a major impact on the overall appearance of the vehicle. The situation is different with valves / valve caps. After all, no one wants to have to change a flat tyre in frosty temperatures.

For transporting and storing your wheels, using tyre bags is always a good idea. This way, your summer wheels will survive the winter undamaged and their interior will remain clean during transport. So that your wheel bolts don't get lost, we offer you the practical wheel bolt bag in SKANDIX design.

Sluggish or damaged wheel bolts or wheel studs and nuts should be replaced. The use of wheel hub paste prevents the rim from rusting on the wheel hub, and the rims can be easily removed in spring. A wheel mounting aid considerably simplifies wheel mounting on vehicles with wheel bolts. The rim is properly centred over the bolt holes when placed and cannot fall off again until the wheel bolts are screwed in.

TIP: Make sure you check the brake system when changing the tyres. This is especially important on slippery days. Therefore, the wear on the brake pads and brake discs should be checked regularly. The brake hoses should also be checked to ensure that they are in good condition; porous brake hoses are a major risk in winter. It goes without saying that the steering and drive shaft boots should also be checked. Salt, dirt and water destroy unprotected joints particularly quickly.

Shock absorbers & wheel bearings

Defective shock absorbers can lead to a 20% longer braking distance. It is therefore advisable to check them at the same time as removing the summer tyres to ensure optimum braking distance. It is also advisable to change the wheel bearings at the same time if they are defective. If necessary, have this checked by a specialist workshop or an automobile club. Wheel-bearings


Spotlight In the dark days, good lighting contributes to safety as one of the main criteria. Therefore, a "blind" headlight or defective lighting bulb should be replaced as soon as possible.

The cleanliness of the headlights also has an influence on the light output that should not be underestimated. Do not only change your windscreen wipers, but also check the wipers of your headlight-cleaning system.

door-lights and reflectors on the doors, which can be seen from behind when opening, improve the visibility of the open door to approaching vehicles. Free light test available at your specialist workshop in the month of October.


You can readjust the spray nozzles with the help of a small needle to apply the spray as centrally as possible in the viewing area. However, this only works on vehicles with single-jet or dual-jet nozzles. The newer fan nozzles are not adjustable.

The insect-removing summer windscreen cleaner should be replaced before the first frost with windscreen cleaner with antifreeze. After filling the tank, fill the hoses and nozzles with antifreeze by operating the spray system.

Radiator antifreeze

When it comes to icy car parts, there are now a variety of ways to win the battle against frost. One simple measure is to cover the windscreen with ice protection film. If you don't want to put this on the car all the time, there is also the option of using windscreen de-icer. The cheapest "medicine" against icy windscreens is still the ice-scraper. In addition, the wiper blades should be checked for function to ensure optimum visibility.

To counter the annoying "phenomenon" of windscreens freezing over from the inside, the use of a dehumidifier is recommended. This absorbs a large part of the condensation that tends to form in winter due to the large temperature differences and thus ensures dry windows inside. Incidentally, windows that are dirty on the inside fog up more quickly than clean windows. With special glass cleaner foam and microfibre cloths, a streak-free result is no problem.


Schlossenteiser For the lock cylinder, door lock care or a drop of BRUNOX® IX 50 is suitable to prevent icing. BRUNOX® IX 50 is a non-hardening multifunctional product that does not freeze up to -41°C, even in the lock cylinder.

Door seals should be treated with rubber care to prevent them from freezing and being damaged when opened. For example, you can use a deer valley stick, talcum or silicone spray.

Ventilation and air conditioning

Also make sure to replace the interior-cabin-air-filter (pollen filter) in time. Normally, the cabin air filter must be replaced every year or every 15,000 km, as it becomes clogged with fine dust particles and the so-called filter cake forms between the folds. Allergy sufferers in particular should make sure that the filter is in good working order, because it keeps the interior of a vehicle almost 100 per cent pollen-free. Clogged filters impair the performance of your ventilation system.

Vehicles with air conditioning should be disinfected, especially after the summer, to eliminate any bacteria, fungi and germs that may have settled in the evaporator housing. The condensate drain of the evaporator should also be checked for cleanliness. If it is clogged, there is a risk of faster germination and corrosion. Last but not least, check whether an air-conditioning service is necessary and switch on the system occasionally in winter: With its dry air, it very quickly clears the windows and remains reliable. Permanent non-use leads to damage.

Cabin filter


Underbody Protection Only corrosion protection or underseal will help against corrosion. This must be applied to derusted areas. Helpful for pre-application is rust-converter.

Shell mats

Whether it's rainy autumn weather or snow in winter, a lot of moisture gets into the interior of your vehicle during the cold season. In order to protect the original carpet and prevent the moisture from settling there and constantly causing windows to mist up, it is advisable to use plastic or rubber shell mats in the footwell.

There is also a suitable solution for luggage: whether it's the sledge after an extensive tobogganing trip with the children or the damp firewood for the next season, if you transport a lot in your luggage compartment in winter, we recommend the use of precisely fitting shell mats for the luggage compartment of your vehicle. This is because moisture also tends to settle here, which you may otherwise only be able to get rid of again in the spring.


Trailer coupling

Trailer hitch Last but not least, the trailer towing device, which is actually maintenance-free, also wants a bit of care: If you wonder why there should be a protective cap on it, here's the explanation: the ball head should be greased for friction reduction and corrosion protection, and this grease should then neither soil your trousers nor be washed off the next time it rains.

The ball head always has 50 mm diameter when new, this dimension may only be undercut by a maximum of 1 mm because otherwise the trailer could come loose. Due to friction and corrosion, the ball becomes smaller over time, which is significantly slowed down by grease and protective cap. Neglected, rusty coupling balls can fall below the wear limit after less than 10 years.

So treat your trailer coupling to grease and a cap, it will thank you with a long life. A little corrosion protection with wax or fluid film for the beams will not be too bad for the often neglected "agricultural hook" either.


For long journeys, pack some biscuits and a hot drink in the car. Always have a blanket, a first aid kit, a folding spade, some snow chains and a jumper cable in the car.

Don't run out of fuel to the last drop. Check the fuel cap catch and replace if necessary.

When you have checked everything, you should also check whether your heating system is working. After all, who wants to be cold in winter?

First aid kit

If everything is in order, winter can come...

Below we have attached an overview of useful winter articles and a checklist to download as a PDF document that you can print out and tick off:

Fri, 13 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0200
Crankcase ventilation hose for Volvo 200, 700 and 900
The long crankcase ventilation hose for many Volvo 240, 740 and 940 with LH-Jetronic naturally aspirated engines is available again.

The crankcase ventilation hoses have to endure a lot during their service life. On the inside they are exposed to hot oil mist, on the outside they have to cope with massive thermal fluctuations. It's quite normal for even high-quality hoses to lose their lust for life after twenty or more years.

Now, this hose has not been available from the vehicle manufacturer for some time, but it was available from a few other suppliers. However, these did not always deliver the necessary high-quality material. From our own tests, we know of hoses that were so porous after only a few years that it was impossible to continue using them.

If this hose leaks, the engine gets side air, which leads to mixture lean, confused engine control and idling problems. Furthermore, mist from the crankcase can enter the cabin air with an unpleasant smell and be harmful to health.

We have therefore decided to commission this hose ourselves, made of suitable material and of good quality.

To ensure that the proverbial reliability of your old Swede with "Redblock" remains the same, the hose for the crankcase ventilation is now available in our shop under the number 1089584.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 240: model from 1988 onwards, engine B200F
  • Volvo 240: model from 1988, engine B230F, B230FD, B230FX
  • Volvo 740: all models, engine B230F Regina
  • Volvo 740: model from 1988 onwards, engine B200F, B200G
  • Volvo 740: model from 1988, engine B230F, B230FB, B230G
  • Volvo 940: all models, engine all petrol without turbo 4 cylinders 2 valves


Fri, 06 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0200
16th Volvo meeting of the Volvo Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein
Somewhat smaller, but "much finer" and in new surroundings, the 16th Volvo meeting of the Volvo Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein traditionally took place again at the Wildpark Eekholt in September 2023.

Despite great heat, we were allowed to welcome this year 145 cars on the new site, which, however, offered enough shady places. Among them also some Saabs, which are always welcome. Swedes stick together!

The meeting has become a fixed date in the calendar of many Volvo enthusiasts in Northern Germany and beyond. Almost all models were represented. Predominantly however the "historical" 444/544, Duetts, Amazons of any type and any number. Of course 144, 244/45, 164, P 1800/ES, 480, 740 were again very strongly represented!

As at the meetings of the last years, there was also a faithful replica of a Swedish police car. Of course, driver and co-driver appeared in style in original police uniforms.

All visitors could also enjoy the participation of a rare Volvo L3315 (Valp) from Kiel.

The majority of the participants came again from the 5 northern German states, but also Volvos from North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg were present. We were also very happy about the visit of our friends from Kolding (DK) (see below), Sweden and the Netherlands.

From our sponsor Zeltverleih Sievers from Schmalfeld a very generous tent - with a complete interior - was erected. Thus again a perfect possibility for catering and sufficient place for interesting technical discussions could be offered.

The catering offer was lively used from the start and offered a rich selection of grilled sausages, fresh coffee, home-baked cake and different, cooled soft drinks. Through the give-aways provided, lovingly packed welcome bags could be handed over to the arriving guests.

The Volvo-Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein would like to thank especially the Wildpark Eekholt, which again offered us the opportunity to hold our event in this setting. Many thanks!

As a small thank you, the Volvo-Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein has taken over from now on, an animal sponsorship. In the absence of a moose, we support the breeding and care of a white deer. With a visit of the game park looks nevertheless gladly once with our godchild past.

We very much hope that next year, by renting an additional area, we will again be able to sell parts to the usual extent.

Many hard-working helpers, also behind the scenes, took care of the good organization, the set-up, the parking lot instruction as well as the catering of the guests and thus contributed to the success of this event to a high degree. As a reward for this, we received many very positive comments from the visitors. We were very pleased about this!

"We will be back next year!" was often heard.

"Moin Moin friends and girlfriends of the Volvo Stammtisch S-H, A belated but all the more heartfelt thank you for this great meeting. As always a super organization, the new venue was top and the welcome as usual warm. We are already looking forward to a next meeting in 2024. (Have appeared for the second time with a ,,delegation" 850, V70 and C70) So, once again many thanks."
"Meeting in Eekholt from the Volvo Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein, 9.9.2023.

Nice place, great Volvo mix. Many thanks to the organizers

Local meeting in northern Germany, organized by Volvo Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein. Big thanks to the organizers for a great day."

The Volvo Stammtisch Schleswig-Holstein thanks and is very pleased that this event is so extraordinarily positively received by all guests and has thus become probably one of the largest private Volvo meetings in Germany.

Until September 2024

Wed, 04 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0200
Volvo Klassieker Beurs 2023
This year we were again on site at the Volvo Klassieker Beurs in Rosmalen. In addition to many familiar faces from previous years, we were also pleased to welcome a large number of new visitors. In numerous conversations we were able to collect new ideas, answer questions and receive constructive feedback.

In addition to our new products from the current year, we presented a Volvo 142 rally conversion, which was completely rebuilt by Motorsport Knöbel Services, in line with this year's theme. Thanks again for the great exhibition piece!

The diversity of the offer of the numerous exhibitors underlines once more the passion behind the brands Volvo and Saab. A well-balanced mix of used parts and new products will ensure longevity in the future.

The SKANDIX team would like to thank every visitor, but of course also the organizers, who again set the necessary course for this unique event.

We are already looking forward to next year!

Vehicle data:

Model Volvo 142
Year built 1968
Engine B20 engine with 45 Weber carburetors and about 160 hp
Other features Rally car according to FIA Appendix K. Homologation No. 5289.
Short gear ratio of the rear axle.
FIA safety cell from Knöbel Motorsport Services.


31st Volvo Klassieker Beurs

Autotron Rosmalen
Graafsebaan 133
5248NL 's-Hertogenbosch

Saturday 23.09.2023 until
Sunday 24.09.2023

Mon, 02 Oct 2023 00:00:00 +0200