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Review: 8th SAAB Saturday on May 25, 2024

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Saab enthusiasts met at the Riesenbeck Agricultural Machinery Museum

For the 8th time, the 1st German SAAB Club e.V. organized the popular and now largest regular Saab meeting. Once again, the choice of location proved to be ideal. The area around the "Hof Lammers" and the Riesenbeck Agricultural Machinery Museum offers space for countless vehicles, surrounded by green meadows and old trees.

In glorious early summer weather, around 240 Saab cars of almost all models and ages and their occupants made their way to the event. Due to some capricious weather the day before and the start of the vacation season, there were slightly fewer vehicles than last year. Nevertheless, the Saab density on this day was pleasingly high for the area and all the guests visibly enjoyed the day. The organization team once again ensured a good distribution of the arriving Saabs with a few stewards and sorted them by model on the site. Depending on their mood, visitors were thus able to quickly locate their favorite vehicles on the grounds.

Since the first meeting in 2015, the jury awards ceremony has established itself as a highlight. At around 1.30 pm, 1st Chairman Philipp Simon handed out the trophies in the various categories. Here are the winners from this year:

  • Old iron: (Saab 92, 93, 95, 96 etc.) Saab 95 from the Warendorf district
  • 900I: Saab 900GL from the Emsland
  • 90 & 99: Saab 99 turbo CC from the Coesfeld district
  • 9000: Saab 9000 CD turbo Airflow from Duisburg
  • 900II/9-3I: Saab 9-3I Cabrio Aero from Düsseldorf
  • 9-5I: Saab 9-5I in rare copper bronze from the district of Herford
  • 9-3II: Saab 9-3II Convertible Griffin from Oldenburg
  • 9-5II & Co.: Saab 9-5 NG 2.8 V6 from the Netherlands
  • Special price: Saab 96 2-stroke in perfect condition from Duisburg
  • Farthest journey: Carlos from Saab-Club Espana (Barcelona)

Congratulations once again to all the winners!

Thanks to the smooth catering by the countrywomen of the Riesenbeck local history association and the Ottenhues restaurant, all guests were able to satisfy their culinary needs quickly. Many thanks also here to the optimal realization and support.

The 1st German SAAB Club will also organize a Saab Saturday in 2025. The target is again a Saturday in May. Flyers and advertisements will be placed in well-known locations to draw attention to the event. The organizers are already looking forward to lively participation and new faces - it's worth it! The club will also be happy to help you find accommodation.

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