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Oil filter key for the overdrive of M41, M410, M46 available again


The oil filter spanner for the overdrive of M41, M410 and M46 is available again!

Anyone who wants to change the oil in their Volvo with an M41, M410 or M46 gearbox or overhaul the flange-mounted J-Type overdrive needs this spigot spanner. It is the tool for loosening the oil filter, reducing valve and non-return valve.

Even though the vehicle manufacturers usually speak of a continuous filling for manual transmissions:
An occasional gearbox oil change will extend the life of such a gearbox immensely. If the vehicle is already older or the mileage has already reached six figures several times, an oil change can sometimes work wonders. The worn, overaged lubricant simply no longer serves its purpose.

This is especially true for these transmissions with flange-mounted overdrive. Of course, the filters in the overdrive must also be cleaned or replaced.

The vehicle manufacturer has not been supplying the key for some years now.
Since these overdrive types from Laycock were also used by many other vehicle manufacturers, we searched a little in other people's catalogues. We had the hope that we could buy this key. But no one had it in their product range.

So, based on our own experience, we had an improved version of the spanner made. Since it is often a bit tight when changing the oil in the installed gearbox, we had the inner square for the ratchet or extension changed to the more compact 3/8" socket. In addition, there is now a 22mm hexagon on the back, which allows operation with an open-end or ring spanner.

This spanner can also be used on other makes with identical or similar J-, R- or LH-type Laycock-De Normanville overdrives. Including Triumph, MG, Reliant, Land Rover and certainly a few others.

The spigot spanner is available now from our shop under item number 1019212.

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo P1800
  • Volvo 121, 130, 220
  • Volvo 140
  • Volvo 164
  • Volvo 200
  • Volvo 700
  • Volvo 900

Reference number: 9992836

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