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Expander park brake Volvo 200 and 700


The spreader levers for the Volvo 200 and 700 handbrake shoes (-87) are available again.

The parking brake leads a rather hidden life in the Volvo 200 and 700 as in other models with this brake design:

The drum brake is integrated into the rear brake disc of the service brake, so you hardly see it. Depending on use and maintenance, the whole thing works well and reliably for a long time.

However, this becomes different with poor maintenance, penetrating dirt and water through defective collars and rusty brake dust plates: The spreader levers rust and seize. If the brake is then hardly used, it can happen that a brake shoe grinds on after the handbrake has been applied because the spreader is tight.

This causes the brake lining to wear out over time and the result is an unevenly applied parking brake. In the worst case, the brake shoe is worn down to the sheet metal and ruins the drum in the brake disc at the same time.

The spreader lever was no longer available from the vehicle manufacturer some time ago, and there were no alternatives in the accessories trade.

Since the spreader levers can be so corroded that they are irrecoverable even with a lot of effort, we took the initiative and had them produced again. It would be a pity if your 200 or 700 was condemned to "standstill" only because of this small part.

Of course, they are made according to original samples and galvanised to prevent new corrosion.

Our tip from our own experience: Open and clean the parking brake every two years. Then lubricate the spreaders, the adjusters and all bearing points with suitable grease or ceramic paste. Defective collars, dust plates or handbrake cables should be replaced.

Thus maintained, the parking brake parts will last an eternity.

The new expander for the park brake are now available in the shop under 1027065.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 240, 260, 262: all models
  • Volvo 740, 760, 780: model until 1987, with eyelet on brake cable


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