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Counterholder for front shock absorber for Volvo 200, 700 and 900


A front shock absorber counterholder for easier loosening of the shock absorber cap nut on the Volvo 200, 700 and 900 is now available.

Our workshop manager Thorsten reports from his own experience:

Many who do their own wrenching on their older Volvos with MacPherson struts know the problem: the shock absorber cap nut is hard or impossible to loosen. Sometimes it is simply rusted. It is possible that the upper plate, where the slotted spanner is supposed to go, has rusted away and it is almost impossible to get a grip on the nut. And then the shock absorber also rotates in the vice, because you can't clamp it too tightly.

Exactly this case of hardship with a rusted upper plate I experienced several years ago on my own somewhat used Volvo 940 of salty Swiss origin.

Typically on a Saturday afternoon, of course, but in my hobby workshop I have access to such practical things as a lathe, welding machine, drill press and other things, and fortunately there is always material available. It didn't help, a solution was needed, the shock absorber was more than broken, it leaked relatively suddenly and made the wheel bounce nicely. So something had to be "locked".

So, out of necessity, this counterholder came into being, which proved to be an excellent solution time and again, a colleague has borrowed it again and again in the last few years and praised it as extremely practical. In contrast to the original tool, which is plugged in, this counterholder is screwed in place, so it is completely impossible for it to slip off. And with the force that is sometimes necessary, this is certainly an issue: at the time, we had to loosen the extremely tight union nut on my 940 with two people, despite the use of heat and rust remover. One person held it in place, the other loosened it. With tools that each had a one-metre lever!

In such cases, slipping can lead to serious injuries.

Some time ago, the colleague who always borrows it convinced me that the counterholder should also be available for our customers. So we had a small edition of it made. The meanwhile extensively tested and approved counterholder is now available in our shop under the number 1089185.

I still drive the 940 responsible for the counterholder. It gets better every year.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 200
  • Volvo 700
  • Volvo 900


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