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Propeller shaft nut washer


This threaded plate is used on the propshaft flange instead of nuts, which is particularly advantageous for the Volvo PV due to the limited space available. Compared to mounting with nuts, mounting is simplified. By placing both screws before tightening, it is not necessary to hold the flange with a spanner.

The larger contact area on the flange allows a better distribution of force, which makes distortion of the flange almost impossible, especially in higher performance vehicles. Constructively, it is also no longer possible for the screw connections to loosen themselves due to vibrations.

The threaded plate was originally installed in early Volvo Amazon and Volvo PV. However, it can also be used on all Volvo classic cars with 44.5 mm propeller shaft diameter, such as the Volvo P1800, Volvo 140, Volvo 200 and Volvo 700.


  • simple installation, no need to hold it up against the wall
  • secure screw connection, cannot come loose
  • better force distribution on the flange, therefore more stable

The threaded plate is now available under article number 1079471 in the SKANDIX webshop.

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