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Carburettor Weber 45 DCOE R Sport Kit


The Weber DCOE is the classic flat-flow dual carburettor for sports engines. It has proven itself hundreds of thousands of times in vehicles from many manufacturers, on circuits, rallies or in sporty road vehicles.

R-Sport or the Volvo competition service originally offered other carburettors in the tuning kits, the Solex 45ADDHE, a further development of the DDH or PHH. The original Solex PHH carburettors were less suitable for sports use because of their sensitivity to centrifugal forces and were often replaced by Weber DCOEs in the sixties for such purposes. The fact that Solex sports carburettors are less widespread today is due to the far worse or even non-existent spare parts situation. DVG (or Pierburg GmbH) largely discontinued the licensed production of French Solex carburettors and their spare parts in the 1990s with the spread of controlled catalytic converters and fuel injection systems.

For Weber carburettors, on the other hand, everything is still available, they are still being produced anew. This is how it came about in the 90s that the actually good Solex ADDHE was increasingly replaced by the even better Weber DCOE.

Our R-Sport carburettor kits today also have the Weber 45 DCOE. It is the best flat-flow carburettor available for classic sports engines. Our DCOE complete kits contain our new, optimised intake manifold, throttle linkage and mounting, open intake funnels as well as necessary gaskets and screws for the Volvo B18 and B20 cylinder heads.
For the public road traffic necessary air filters we have additionally in the delivery program.

The Weber 45DCOE carburettor set is the perfect match for a four-cylinder sports engine in the 1.8-2.5l displacement class, with sharp timing, high compression, polished channels, lightened flywheel and forged pistons.

Perfect fit for a PV, Amazon, P1800 or 140 with tuned B18 or B20.

The carburettors must of course be adjusted to the respective engine. We will be happy to inform you of the fuel injection on delivery on request, other sizes can be supplied on order.
The tuning at the end is the most important thing with such an engine: The full power output with good stability only results when everything is tuned to each other. This does not only include the carburettor's jetting, but also the ignition timing and the ignition curve must match the compression and the camshaft's timing.

Once this is done, nothing stands in the way of driving pleasure at historic motor sport events or simply over a mountain pass.

The R-Sport carburettor sets with Weber 45DCOE are now available in our shop under the number 1084803.

Suitable for vehicles with tuned B18 or B20:

  • Volvo PV (from 1962)
  • Volvo Amazon (from 1962)
  • Volvo P1800
  • Volvo 140
  • Volvo 240 (until 1976)

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