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Intake manifold kit Weber R-Sport


Newly manufactured, optimised R-Sport intake manifolds for two twin carburettors Weber or Solex in tuned Volvo classics with B18 and B20 engines now available.

The classic R-Sport tuning kits for Amazon, PV, P1800 and 140 always contained carburettor sets with two twin carburettors Solex 45ADDHE or Weber 45DCOE in the higher power stages.

The old original intake manifolds for these carburettor sets always had to be reworked to a greater or lesser extent depending on the exhaust manifold used, and the expansion washers for the manifold stud bolts usually had to be adapted for this purpose. An immediate assembly of the delivered part was never possible. Also, the throttle linkage of the Volvos with the bearing on the bulkhead was not optimal.

We have already installed the Weber DCOE ourselves and re-milled the manifolds ourselves. So we were aware of these problems.

It has to work better! Therefore, together with a manufacturer and renowned Volvo tuners, we had a significantly improved version produced. State-of-the-art 3D scanning technology was used so that the manifolds could be fitted immediately to a B18 or B20.

The throttle linkage bearing has been optimised and is now completely mounted on the manifolds so that it does not have to absorb any external forces. The surfaces are much more precise and of higher quality, machined using the latest CNC technology. The casting is more precise and smoother than on the old original parts and R-Sport lettering has been incorporated. The intake manifolds are optimised for use with the R-Sport fan manifold, which makes installation even easier.

Installation problems are a thing of the past with our manifolds. The motorsport upgrade of your B18 or B20 is much easier with these manifolds and bent throttle linkages due to load changes will be a thing of the past!

The manifolds also fit the Dellorto 45 DHLA.

The manifold set is now available in our shop under the number 1079956.

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