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R-Sport is still a byword for sporty accessories today and has a long tradition at Volvo. More than fifty years ago, there were already extensive accessory catalogues for drivers who wanted to take part in motor sport competitions or simply appear a little sportier. These offered everything from additional instruments and headlights to alloy wheels and extensive engine tuning.

Originally founded in the sixties as the Competition Department, the company initially mainly serviced and equipped rally cars of the PV544 and 120 series. In 1971, the Volvo Competition Service was founded in Gothenburg, which sold ready-made tuning packages for the ambitious rally driver. For the B18 or B20, for example, there were various engine tuning packages ranging from a simple carburettor upgrade to a complete package with increased displacement, a finely machined tuning cylinder head with larger valves, a lightened flywheel, two twin carburettors, a sharp camshaft and a sports exhaust with a fan-shaped manifold. Such tuned 140s, Amazon or P1800 reached up to 185 DIN hp with the Stage iV package.

Later in the seventies came the renaming to Volvo R-Sport, the 300 series made the division famous on the rallycross tracks, the traction of the small transaxle Volvo and the potent 16-valve caused a sensation. Volvo also enjoyed later successes, such as with the 240 Turbo or the 850.
R-Sport developments and initiatives were responsible for many of these successes, but in some cases renowned sports car manufacturers were also brought on board for development assignments.

In the past, we have had some of the R-Sport programme reproduced for Volvo classics from many model series and will present our sporty accessories here in the next few weeks in a small R-Sport series. There will also be new reproductions of sought-after rarities!

Of course, there are also matching fan articles such as T-shirts, baseball caps or stickers to show the affiliation to the outside world. We present these here in advance.

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