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R-Sport sports air filter


R-Sport sports air filters for Weber 45DCOE and SU HS6 twin carburettors are available again.

The R-Sport air filters for Solex or Weber carburettors and the original air filter boxes for the SU-HS6 carburettors have not been available new for decades. When they were lost or converted, only universal sports air filters were available or a lengthy search had to be made for used parts.

Especially for sports engines with particularly sharp timing, carburettors with open intake funnels are almost impossible to approve for road use today, the intake noise is much too loud. It should be well known that the penetrating dirt can also cause serious damage to the engine.

Even faced with the problem of breathing a made-up engine with Weber carburettors, we went through one or two unsatisfactory solutions. In the end, we decided to have the R-Sport air filter optimally remanufactured.

Our air filter is manufactured in best quality and can be used on all B18 and B20 in PV, Amazon or 140. On the P1800 with Weber DCOE, the inner mudguard must be adapted, and if a non-standard intake path extension is used under the SU HS6, adaptation work may also be necessary. The mounting holes in the lower part of the air filter box are extra large to be able to compensate for an offset of the carburettors.

The air filter box is available in two versions, for SU HS6 or Weber 45DCOE. An air filter insert for replacement is of course also available from us, and the knurled nut of the cover is also available as a replacement.

For use with the comparatively rare Stromberg 175 CD2 twin carburettors, the hole pattern in the base of the air filter box (item no. 1076603, for SU HS6) must be adapted.

Note: When attaching the air filter to the carburettors, please be sure to use lock nuts or liquid threadlocker to absolutely prevent any loosened parts from being sucked in.

fits vehicles with B18 or B20:

  • Volvo PV (from 1962)
  • Volvo Amazon (from 1962)
  • Volvo P1800
  • Volvo 140
  • Volvo 240 (until 1976)

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