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New fuel sender unit for Saab 900 (-93)


We have had two new tank sensors produced to fit the classic Saab 900 up to 1993.

The fuel tank sensor suffers with age, especially with modern fuel, which promotes corrosion with its ethanol content, and of course also with condensation. Occasionally, the resistor wire inside also gives up the ghost, so that a display is no longer possible.

The sensor for the carburetor engines also contains the suction pipe of the mechanical fuel pump. If it is heavily corroded, rust gets into the lines and the filter and clogs them. This inevitably leads to misfiring and stalling at some point.

In the worst case, the intake manifold will be corroded, causing the fuel pump to suck in air from the hole in the pipe. If you break down with a half-full tank, this could be the reason.

Reasons enough for us to have suitable sensors produced for the Saab 900, as new original parts have not been available for several years.

The tank sensors are manufactured in a modified version, with a float on a lever which actuates a potentiometer. The original solution had a float in the surging tube, which slides along a resistance wire. Depending on the vehicle and model year, only the plug on the vehicle wiring harness needs to be changed; suitable crimp connectors and shrink tubing are included with the tank sensors.

The original contact for the warning light is present on the sensor.

The new tank sensors for the classic Saab 900 are now available in the store under the numbers 1020398 (injection engines from 1983) and 1088492 (carburetor engines from 1983).

suitable for:

  • Saab 900 (-93)

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