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When the gear lever rattles


The gearstick lever is often not given much attention. Normally, it is a rather inconspicuous component that dutifully does its job.

But when rust and scratches turn it into a visual eyesore in the P1800, many classic car enthusiasts need to take action. It is not only the appearance that may leave something to be desired after years of constant use. Often, the gearstick tubes have worn out at some point and cause rattling, rattling and buzzing noises.

To remedy these visual and technical defects, SKANDIX has a number of parts in its range that can be used to put together an almost complete package for gearstick repair on the Volvo P1800.

First of all, there is the gear lever tube (1054223) itself. This is a high-quality reproduction of the original gear lever made of matt stainless steel, which can also be polished to a high gloss if required.
When replacing the gearstick lever, the seal between the gearstick lever and the gearbox cover (1053657) should also be replaced. It is also advisable to replace the bushing (1034971) to eliminate the play of the gearstick lever and thus the second source of noise. In addition, the gears can then be shifted cleanly again.

There is certainly no better opportunity to replace the gearshift knob (1023116) and the boot (1009308) with high-quality new parts.

You can find out how to carry out the conversion and what to bear in mind in our installation instructions.

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