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New cast exhaust manifolds for Volvo B18/B20


For Volvo Oldtimer with B18/B20 engine we now offer newly manufactured cast exhaust manifolds. The original exhaust manifolds have not been available for many years and good used parts have become rare.

Our cast manifolds correspond in wall thickness and casting quality exactly to the original B20E injection manifold, which was also included in the original Volvo R-Sport kits for the carburetor engines. The surface is painted black heat resistant. Due to the original quality also suitable for high quality restorations.

During the development we introduced two different manifold versions, which differ in the thickness of the flange for mounting on the cylinder head:

Manifold with 18mm thick flange (SKANDIX 1068116) is a perfectly fitting spare part for vehicles with D-Jetronic fuel injection:

  • Volvo 140 with injector
  • Volvo P1800E
  • Volvo P1800ES

Until now, the replacement of a cracked manifold was only possible with a fan manifold. In contrast, the new cast iron manifold offers a quieter engine noise and is considerably easier to install.

For showcars also available in high-gloss chrome (SKANDIX 1075823) and matt chrome (SKANDIX 1075824)!

Manifold with 14mm thick flange (SKANDIX 1071062) is a perfectly fitting spare part for vehicles with carburetor, where intake manifold and exhaust manifold are separate parts:

  • Volvo PV and Duett B18
  • Volvo PV and Duett B20 conversions
  • Volvo Amazon B18 and B20
  • Volvo 140 carburettor
  • Volvo P1800 Jensen
  • Volvo P1800S

Also here an excellent alternative to the header in all tuning projects:

  • Allows the conversion from single carburettor to SU dual carburettor system or various Weber carburettors.
  • Replacement solution for USA exhaust manifold with exhaust gas recirculation.
  • trouble-free assembly. This is an advantage, for example, with the Volvo PV (especially with the Duett), because the space available means that the manifold can only be fitted with extensive adaptation work.
  • It was originally also used on the injection models, which had more power than the carburetor vehicles with up to 124 hp. Therefore this cast iron manifold can even be used with performance enhanced carburetor vehicles.

For showcars also available in high-gloss chrome-plated (SKANDIX 1074571) and matt chrome-plated (SKANDIX 1075822)!

Additional information...

  • Guss-Abgaskrümmer für Volvo B18/B20
  • Guss-Abgaskrümmer für Volvo B18/B20
  • Guss-Abgaskrümmer für Volvo B18/B20
  • Guss-Abgaskrümmer für Volvo B18/B20
  • Artikel Nr. 1074571
  • Artikel Nr. 1075822