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Lumbar support Volvo 200


Uncomfortable seats? That doesn't have to be the case!

The lumbar support in the Volvo 240/260 is known to become defective with age. For the driver, the lack of support in the back feels very uncomfortable and spoils the fun of longer journeys. Many owners often shy away from the actually quite simple repair due to ignorance.

We took this as an opportunity to write an installation manual and to check the availability of all parts. We had the wire guide bracket (1052660) made up. It was no longer available and is important for proper, long-term function. Everything else needed for the repair is still available as an original spare part.

There are several possible causes for lumbar support failures:

  • The plate of the lumbar support itself (1079428) is broken, by aged plastic, frequent use or by naughty children's feet maltreating the seat from behind. As a result, the clasp (1068227) sometimes falls off, which then almost inevitably leads to the breakage of the plate.
  • The wire hooks (1039085; 1068226) for tensioning are broken, this often happens on the inside because the bracket 1052660 mentioned above has fallen apart due to age.
  • The brackets of the lumbar adjustment (1052659 and 1052661), which tighten the wire hooks on the outside with the adjustment wheel, has a break or defective thread. This happens very rarely and usually only through the use of force.

The repair is actually quite simple: a few spanners and pliers are required, the only special tool needed is an upholstery clamp pliers (1049163) and a few staples (1024603) to close the backrest cover correctly again at the bottom afterwards. With a little skill, this can even be done with the seat in place, if only the lumbar support is to be repaired. However, it is much more comfortable on the workbench. A detailed description of the work with pictures can be found in the link below.

In the meantime, we have also had the seat cushions for the Volvo 200 (1025544) and Volvo 700/900 (1045979 and 1031751) reproduced.

So everything is available to restore good seating comfort and to have fun again on longer journeys.

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