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Seat cushion Volvo 700, 900, S/V90


The comfortable "sofa" seats in our Volvo Youngtimers have excellent seating comfort, as you've probably heard from surprised passengers on more than one occasion. But the years and kilometres unfortunately leave their mark on Volvo seats. At some point the upholstery becomes worn and the covers wrinkle.
As a rule, the seat covers, which are fastened with upholstery clips, can be pulled onto new upholstery and reused without any sewing work.

After the original parts were no longer available, we decided to have the seat upholstery for the Volvo 740 from 1991, 940, 960, S90 and V90 until 1998 made new.

SKANDIX 1045979 corresponds to Volvo original number 9167300 and is suitable for vehicles with fabric, velour or partial leather upholstery.

SKANDIX 1031751 corresponds to Volvo original number 9206809 and is suitable for vehicles with leather interior.

The new parts are an exact new production according to the original sample, moulded with reinforcement.

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