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Bulb holder number plate light for Volvo 700 and 900


The single lamp holder for the number plate light for Volvo 700 from 1988 and early Volvo 900 is available again.

Unlike the late version of the tailgate handle, the lamp holder for the number plate light was still available for purchase individually from Volvo for the variant installed from 1988 to around 1994. In the later models, it was part of the not exactly inexpensive tailgate handle and therefore much less sustainable - if the bulb holder is broken, the complete handle had to be replaced. But we already have a repair kit for that too (1076902).

This is not the case with this version, the lamp holder is engaged on the handle with two catches and can be easily replaced. Unfortunately, it was dropped by the vehicle manufacturer at the beginning of the year.

Now we already have some repair kits in the shop for this handle and the tailgate, so why not have the number plate light socket, which is now occasionally worn out, remanufactured as well?

After extensive consultation, we decided to have a repair kit produced. After all, the cars from around 1990 are the best from the series and there are still quite a few on the road in everyday use. Of course, it was not completely altruistic, as some of us drive a Volvo 945 or 965 ourselves.

The lamp holder is now available in the shop under the number 1016766.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 740, 760 5-door: 1988 model onwards
  • Volvo 940 5-door: all models, chassis no. up to 168722
  • Volvo 960 5-door: model up to 1994

Reference: 3526009