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Repair kit tailgate trim Volvo 850, V70, 700, 900


A repair kit tailgate trim below for Volvo 740, 760, 940 and 960 is finally available!

Repair solutions for fixing the tailgate panels of many Volvo station wagons are always requested by our customers. So we have always thought about easily feasible solutions for older Volvo models and worked out reasonably priced kits. Over the years, we have accumulated a wide range of repair kits for some of the station wagon models.

The reasons for defective fairings are as simple as they are varied: Mostly the basic material of the fairings from about the 1980s onwards is some kind of plastic. This naturally ages over the years as the plasticizers disappear, becoming brittle and cracked. Since our robust Volvos reach an above-average age even as everyday vehicles, this can become a problem. Whether it's a repair to the rear wiper or carelessness during loading, a guide for the clip or a retaining eye is quickly torn off.

In most cases, this happens at an age when the vehicle manufacturer is no longer able to supply new trim parts. If they do, they are often not exactly inexpensive. But a rattling fairing is very unattractive and the market for used parts is rather limited or non-existent.

Vehicles Product Article no
Volvo 850 5-door
Volvo V70 (-2000)
Volvo V70XC (-2000)
Repair kit tailgate trim top
Volvo 740 5-door
Volvo 760 5-door
Volvo 940 5-door
Volvo 960 5-door
Volvo V90 (-1998)
Repair kit tailgate trim top
Repair kit tailgate trim bottom

That's where simple solutions are needed, easy to assemble and at least as sturdy as it originally was. For the top edge of the tailgate panels of the Volvo 740, 760, 940, 960 and V90 (-98) and 850 and V70 (-00) we offer a repair kit for broken out holes in the panel for quite some time. It is easy to install, the fairing is then mounted as original.

New in our program is a repair kit for the lower retaining eyelets of the fairings of the Volvo 740, 760, 940, 960 and V90 (-98): It replaces the complete broken off eyelet of the fairing and after the repair it is also fixed again with the original clips. The stainless steel repair eye is supplied with black rivets for attachment, but it can also be optionally glued with a high-quality adhesive (eg Uhu endfest 1031631).

Of course, we also have the clips for the fairings in the store, either as a replica or as an original part.

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