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Tailgate handle repair kits Volvo 700/900/V90


New repair kits for the opener in the tailgate handle.

Almost everyone who has ever driven a Volvo estate car of the 745/765/945/965/V90 models for a longer period of time knows the problem: the opener in the tailgate handle sticks. After operation, it does not return to its original position, or only partially. In the worst case, the tailgate may not be closed properly after closing and will open again by itself while driving.

Volvo itself has so far only offered the option of replacing the handle completely. This is quite expensive and the early version up to 95 is no longer available. The later version has to be painted on top of that.

The only reason for this is the rusty shaft of the opener and a tired or broken spring.

We have taken this as an opportunity to develop a repair kit for this purpose, which enables a simple, lasting and economical repair. It is also more durable than the original version because the shaft is now made of insulated stainless steel and can no longer corrode. The return spring is manufactured according to the original sample.


  • good value for money
  • durable due to stainless steel shaft and new return spring for the opener
  • no painting work necessary
  • safe function of the opener
  • sustainable: The tailgate handle is repaired and not thrown away

Article No. 1074378:

  • Volvo 740 estate car
  • Volvo 760 estate car
  • Volvo 940 estate car (-95)
  • Volvo 960 estate car (-95)

Article No. 1080367:

  • Volvo 940 estate car (95-)
  • Volvo 960 estate car (95-)
  • Volvo V90 (-98)

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