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Volvo 740 by Andreas Thull


YouTube Video: Kranker Volvo, krasser Fahrer! Schneller als ein E36 Tracktool? Zeig den Hobel

Motorsport enthusiast Andreas Thull writes about his Volvo 740, accompanied by an impressive video on Youtube.

Hello, I'm Andreas Thull, I'm 27 years old - a master car mechanic and the owner of this Volvo 740!

I bought the car in typical well-maintained pensioner condition and then rebuilt the car according to Group G or Original Cup regulations. After 3 years of experience in this condition, the will for more was also quickly there! In 2020/21, the Volvo was then converted to the higher Group F. Practically everything was turned inside out! In cooperation with my father Jörg Thull, everything was changed!

In cooperation with KW-Automotive, a chassis was built for this vehicle according to my drawings and measurements. The Competition suspension now uses Volvo 960 steering knuckles with S60 brakes and added camber adjustment. The steering trapezoid as well as the dynamic toe change of the axle was also corrected by modified struts and pivot points. Since many parts are not available off the shelf, we were left to our own devices. For example, the 4-way adjustable anti-roll bar moved from the Porsche 997 GT3 into the Swedish car! At the rear axle, the lock was revised and a short rear axle ratio was calibrated by my father. The gearbox is (still) an M90 gearbox from the last series in combination with a modified shifter from the BMW shelf.

The heart is now a 2.4L B230F with 8 valves. The engine block and head were bought with the components camshaft - crankshaft and pistons. This was already modified. The power is transmitted via a 180mm Sachs sinter clutch. The engine thus turns approx. 8100 revolutions with these also light components! There are many details that make up the car and are also technically well thought out. All in all, this is not an off-the-peg car, but one with a lot of character!

The main focus of our conversions - which we also do professionally - is the care and quality of the conversion. Every screw that has been touched has been galvanically re-galvanised to make the overall appearance as perfect as possible.

I would also like to thank the company SKANDIX, which has been our partner since the first hour of this vehicle!