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Volvo 240 fuse strip for modern fuses


A replacement for the no longer available fuse strip of the Volvo 240 from 1991 on, is now available in an improved version from SKANDIX. Vehicles up to 1990 can also be converted to this design.

With the conventional fuse strips on the Volvo 240 there is more often corrosion between the fuses and the contact springs. Electrical faults and failures are the result. The contact springs tire and can break.

The technically more modern new fuse strip offers significant contact improvement and increased operational safety. In addition, replacing and testing the fuses is much easier to handle.

Fuse strip inside Volvo 240

The new version uses flat "ATO" type fuses instead of the round fuses. Replacement is much easier to obtain on the road than the round fuses, which have become rare.


  • Better electrical contact
  • Increased operational safety
  • Modern fuse type, available everywhere

The new fuse strip replaces Volvo original number 3544178. You can find it in our online shop under article number 1071314.

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