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What use is an immaculate body and well-maintained technology to the driver of a classic, such as the Volvo Amazon, PV or Duett, if every drive becomes an adventure because the seats are uncomfortable and worn out?

Not only does the engine of a classic car do its job over decades and therefore requires careful maintenance and care, sooner or later the ravages of time also gnaw away at the seats. What once gave the feeling of a rolling living room eventually becomes a test of endurance for driver and passenger. Over the years, the materials of the original seats age and wear. For a long time, restoration enthusiasts only had the option of repairing the seats themselves or commissioning expensive upholstery work.

SKANDIX now offers newly manufactured seat cushions for the backrests and seats of these vehicles so that every owner of a Volvo Amazon 120, 130, 220 (up to 1964) or PV544, P210 Duett (from 1962) who is plagued by upholstery problems can finally get rid of this annoying problem with a reasonable budget.

Neue Sitzpolster für Volvo Amazon 120, 130, 220 (bis 1964) oder PV544, P210 Duett (ab 1962)

Neue Sitzpolster für Volvo Amazon 120, 130, 220 (bis 1964) oder PV544, P210 Duett (ab 1962)

The foam of the cushions, perfectly matched in hardness, encloses a robust core made of coconut fibre. Thanks to the original design of the upholstery, the replacement of the seats is child's play and the driving comfort is restored without any compromises to the original. For those who would also like to treat the exterior of their seats to a makeover, SKANDIX now also offers new and custom-fit seat covers.

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