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New spring cores for the front seats of the Volvo PV and Duett


New spring cores for the front seats of the Volvo PV and Duett are available.

In the past, we have had quite a few upholstery parts made for the classic Volvos, for example the foam upholstery for the Volvo 240 or 940.

Now, every now and then, we were asked whether we also had spring cores for the humpback and duet seats, so we started looking. First we had to find a very neat pattern, which was not easy at all.

Next, we looked around for an upholstery manufacturer who hasn't just been doing this since yesterday and can produce decent spring cores. These spring cores have not been commonly used in car seats for over thirty years, with some car manufacturers for almost fifty years. A spring core is not a foam cushion, as is the case with modern cars, but we have been able to win over a German manufacturer with a lot of experience in this field for our reproduction.

The new innersprings, made according to original samples, have now arrived and we have installed one in the seat of a Volvo PV544, with convincing results. The seat feels like new.

The foam coconut fibre seat covers are currently not available. A few years ago, there was a reproduction on the market, but it was not reissued due to lack of demand after the sale. However, the cushions are usually reusable. In case of doubt, a thin, additional foam pad is necessary to restore the original condition.

The new innersprings are now available in our shop under the number 1060568.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo PV544
  • Volvo P210 Duett model from 1962

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