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Spring check for your vehicle


The weather is slowly getting better, the days longer - it's high time to check your vehicle.

SKANDIX shows you what you should pay attention to:

Change tyres

Change tyresNow that temperatures are rising permanently, you should put on summer tyres again. It is important to inspect the summer tyres for damage and check the tread depth before fitting. According to the law, the lower limit is 1.6mm, but the tyres lose grip even at a tread depth of less than 3mm.

If you have the tyres changed in a workshop, you should have the brakes and chassis checked at this opportunity. If you change the tyres yourself, please follow the instructions for changing wheels in the car's owner's manual, especially if the car is equipped with a tyre pressure control system.

Winter tyres should be cleaned and labelled (front right, rear left, etc.) and stored in a cool, dark and dry place (such places are usually in the cellar ;-) ). Complete wheels should be stored with increased air pressure, one above the other.

Useful things:

Check expiry date of tyre sealant

Spring is here, the vehicle is polished to a high gloss and ready for the cosy Easter excursion. Annoying if the journey has to be interrupted by a flat tire. Even more annoying, however, is when the tyre sealant then no longer performs as expected.
Therefore, please note our Tip on tyre sealant.

Useful things

Clean up and check accessories

Tidy upFree the car from all superfluous things - they cost storage space and quickly add up to a weight that unnecessarily increases fuel consumption. If we ever rummage in the trunk, we can immediately check whether the first aid kit, warning triangle, warning vests (best for all passengers) and tools are still complete and comply with the regulations. Since 2022, two medical masks must also be carried in the first-aid kit.

Useful things:

Clean the trunk and interior of the vehicle

Clean the trunk and interiorExtensive ventilation and turning up the heating while driving will drive away a large part of the moisture, a thorough interior cleaning will do the rest. Take doormats out of the car to dry, many also change from rubber to textile mats in spring. Trunk mats prevent the clean floor from getting dirty again when you buy flowers. Don't forget to clean the windscreen from the inside, streaks can significantly reduce visibility.

Useful things:

Check exterior wash and paint

Außenwäsche und Lack kontrollierenVisiting a car wash is comfortable and environmentally friendly. After the winter, we recommend a thorough pre-wash with a steam jet to remove road salt residue and stubborn dirt. Check the paintwork after washing. Smaller stone chips can be treated with a touch-up paint at a reasonable price.

Useful things:

Wiper Check

Wiper CheckWiper blades should always be cleaned and checked regularly. They should be replaced at the latest when the wiper blades become greasy or rubbed.

Caution: Defective or dirty wiper blades can scratch the windscreen!

Finally, check the washing water level.

Useful things:

Engine compartment

Engine compartmentCheck the engine oil and coolant levels with the help of the operating instructions. You should leave the cleaning of the engine compartment to a specialist, engine washing can seriously damage electronic components.

Useful things:

Now you are good prepared with your vehicle.

Below we have included an overview of useful articles and a checklist to download as a PDF document, which you can print out and check off:

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