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Check expiry date of tyre sealant


Spring is here, the vehicle is polished to a high gloss and ready for the cosy Easter excursion. Annoying if the journey has to be interrupted by a flat tire. Even more annoying, however, is when the tyre sealant then no longer performs as expected.

Current Volvo vehicles are actually rarely delivered with a spare wheel. Instead, space- and cost-saving sealing systems are used, which promise quick help in the event of a breakdown.

Unfortunately, this is accompanied by the fact that most car drivers no longer pay attention to the spare wheel. In the past, if the tire pressure of the spare wheel was occasionally checked again, the sealing system is skilfully ignored until it is needed. But then it is often too late. The sealant systems should also be checked regularly. The sealant cartridges have a best-before date printed on them. If this is exceeded, it can happen that the sealant no longer works as desired.

If you are holding the sealant in your hand anyway, it is only a matter of a few minutes to check the functionality of the associated compressor at the same time. All in all we can only recommend to every vehicle owner: Regularly - even without a spare wheel - check the breakdown accessories. In the event of a breakdown, the minutes invested can help to save a lot of time and spare your nerves.

By the way - the often cheaply advertised tyre repair sprays are not a replacement for the breakdown kit delivered from the factory. This is only recommended for classic vehicles in an emergency, if there is no spare wheel at hand or if it is flat.