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Resistor Interior blower for Volvo 740, 940


The blower motor series resistors for Volvo 740 and 940 without air conditioning are available again.

You usually only find out about the existence of the series resistor between the switch and the blower motor when it has burnt out. It ensures that the blower motor can run at more than one speed. If it is defective, the motor usually only runs at the highest speed, only here there is no resistor connected upstream.

The blower switch allows the current for the motor to flow through a smaller resistor at each higher speed. This means that the voltage applied is always higher and the motor runs at a correspondingly higher speed.

Unfortunately, this resistor usually reaches the end of its life after fifteen to thirty years, which is why the vehicle manufacturer has long since sold them out.

Because the series resistors are also slowly becoming rare on the used parts market and are often in dubious condition, we have also had these produced by our long-standing supplier.

The series resistors fit perfectly and work reliably. They correspond to the original numbers 3522313, 9171002 and fit in all 740/940 without air conditioning. The series resistors can be found behind the glove compartment.

To ensure that the blower of your 740 or 940 reliably keeps the windows free of condensation at the correct level again, the series resistors are available from our store under the numbers 1005963 or 1005900.

Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 740 all models, 4-speed blower (1005963)
  • Volvo 740 all models, 5-speed blower (1005900)
  • Volvo 940 all models, 5-speed blower (1005900)

3522313, 9171002

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