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Blower motor for vehicles without air conditioning Volvo 700/900


The blower motor is an important part of the car. Not only does it quickly provide cozy warmth in winter or fresh air in summer, it also ensures good visibility and clear windows and is therefore relevant to safety.

The original part has not been available for the Volvo 700 and 900 without air conditioning for some time, and there is now no longer a single part available in the aftermarket.

Also because we never really liked the last available aftermarket blowers, we started looking for a motor for the original housing. A few years ago there were still a few from Bosch, but they are long out of stock and there is no new edition in sight.

After a long search and a lot of experimenting, we have now found a motor that is almost a 1:1 match for the old original part. It fits exactly into the original housing of the fan motor, has the right threads for the screw connections and the correct shaft diameter for the fan wheel. The fan wheel, housing and original connecting cable must still be used. The latter must be fitted with two flat connectors.

The motor corresponds to the original part in terms of noise development and service life.

The fan motor is now available in our store under the number 1012639.

suitable for:

  • Volvo 700, all models without air conditioning
  • Volvo 900, all models without air conditioning


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