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Radiator hose Oil cooler for Volvo 850, S70, V70, S80, V70 II and XC70


The radiator hoses for the oil cooler of the Volvos with D5252T engine are available again. We have had them remanufactured according to original samples.
Of course, the thermal protection for the inlet hose is the same as for the original part.

Due to their design, the hoses are located in a somewhat unattractive place for radiator hoses: the two hoses for the oil cooler are often bathed in used oil when changing the oil in the 2.5l TDI engine. The oil filter sits directly on the oil cooler, so when it is loosened, waste oil leaks out and runs over the oil cooler onto the hoses, which is almost unavoidable. Now, engine oil is not exactly good for coolant hoses, it makes them soft and dissolves the rubber over time. Not everyone knows this, and often enough the hoses have not been cleaned or have been insufficiently cleaned after an oil change.

In addition, there is the normal ageing of the rubber parts, and the oil cooler itself can also leak. If the oil filter is tightened too much, the oil cooler housing will warp. In most cases, oil starts leaking from the back towards the flange.

The new hoses have a longer service life than the hoses usually available in the independent parts trade due to the high-quality material selection of silicone rubber.

It is always advisable to check the condition of the oil cooler when changing the oil or the hoses.

The engine will thank careful handling and good maintenance with almost eternal life: We know of several cars in the immediate vicinity that have long since exceeded 500,000 km.

So that they can continue to enjoy their everlasting diesel Volvo for a long time to come, the hoses are now available in the shop under the numbers 1043187 and 1056333.


  • Fit-precise moulded tubes
  • Premium quality
  • quality material
  • Thermally resilient
  • Easy repair
  • Operational safety is still guaranteed


  • Volvo 850: all models with diesel engine
  • Volvo S70, V70 (-2000): all models with diesel engine
  • Volvo S80 (-2006): engine D5252T MSA 15.8
  • Volvo V70 P26: Engine D5252T MSA 15.8
  • Volvo XC70 (2001-2007): engine D5252T MSA 15.8

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