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Odometer Volvo 200


The odometer can be a problem with some older Volvos. In the case of the Volvo 240, it tends to stop from one day to the next in almost all years of manufacture. At first glance, this doesn't seem to be a big problem as long as the speed indicator still works.

If it weren't for the main inspection: an odometer has to work because it documents the distances travelled. If it is defective, this is a major defect and the vehicle will not be given a sticker.
It is then not possible to keep a logbook correctly, nor is it possible to document the mileage in the event of a sale.

If the fuel gauge (article no. 1038225), which is just as prone to failure with age, is out of order, things get really adventurous, because the fuel level in the tank (article no. 1018107) can hardly be estimated. Stalls due to lack of fuel are pre-programmed!

Instruments (article no. 1038321, 1038322) from two manufacturers were fitted to the Volvo 200, VDO and Yazaki. The instruments from 1980 onwards can be distinguished by the distance between the pointer shaft and the trip odometer.

If only the odometer is out of order, it is actually always the pinions for it in the speedometer. This is relatively easy to repair, especially with electronic instruments from model year 1986 onwards. The pinions for this are available, we have the most common ones for VDO instruments in stock. You will also find installation instructions for them in our shop under the respective articles. For the older instruments with a speedometer cable it is more demanding, but also quite feasible.

If the speed indicator does not work either, then on vehicles from 1986 onwards it is usually the cable to the sensor on the rear axle or, more rarely, the sensor itself. Very often there is a line break between the body and the differential. We have a repair kit for this in our shop (article no. 1029612).
On earlier vehicles, the speedometer cable (article no. 1031699, 1016159, 1031700) is responsible for this, which often manifests itself with a wriggling speed display when worn before a failure.

Odometer Odometer

When replacing the pinions of the odometer, it is essential to check the number of teeth of the respective pinions before ordering. Since Volvo never offered spare parts for the speedometers individually, an assignment via the parts catalogue is not possible. There were several combinations and these must be correctly assigned. On the electronic VDO speedometers, for example, 25 teeth are often found on the speedometer in Europe, 26 teeth in North America. However, this is not unambiguous. Therefore, please count the teeth on both pinions (article no. 1021067, 1062109, 1062110, 1062111) of the instrument installed in your vehicle.
After the exact allocation has been clarified, a renewal of the instrument can be carried out without any problems!

Last but not least, it is of course worthwhile to replace the bulbs (article no. 1018352, 1019358, 1021494) in the case of the instrument cluster that has already been dismantled anyway, you can't get better than that now!


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