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New windscreen trim moulding for Volvo V70 II (2000-2007)


Newly produced, rustproof trim strips for the A-pillar/roof edge on the right and left side of the windscreen in the Volvo V70II and V70XC (2000-2007) are now available from SKANDIX.

The original trim strips have an aluminium core which corrodes - "blossoms out". It produces bubbles form under the paint and the paint can peel off. The removal of the corrosion and the repainting of these aluminium parts is only possible with great effort and often not permanently durable. Furthermore, the spare parts are no longer available from the vehicle manufacturer.

Therefore we have now reissued the strips in an improved version. Our newly manufactured skirtings have, as an improvement over the original, a stainless steel core.

The surface is a black smooth plastic coating. The part fits optically well to all vehicle paint colours and can be installed unpainted to save costs. If you wish, you can also have it painted at a paint shop with 2K lacquer and softface additive in car colour. Painting on your own with the spray can does not work. The original spare parts were only available ready painted in car colour.

The new strips have a rubber sealing lip like the original.


  • Stainless - Non-corrosive
  • Resistant plastic coating
  • can be installed unpainted

Appropriate for:

  • Volvo V70 II (P26) from 2000 up to 2007 with roof rails
  • Volvo V70XC (XC70) from 2000 up to 2007 with roof rails

left right
Trim moulding A-pillar

Lower end piece

(3x per side)

(1x per side)

(1x per side)
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39992711, 39992707, 39993954, 39992712, 39992714, 39992716, 39878909, 39992717, 39992718, 39992722, 39992860, 39992861, 39992862, 39992719, 39992720, 39992721, 39992722, 39891354, 39891356, 39891358, 39894162, 39874427

Additional information...

  • original Zierleisten mit aufgeblühtem Aluminiumkern
  • neue Zierleisten rostfrei mit Edelstahlkern