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New buttons for the belt buckle of Saab 900 and 9000


There's always something to do. Classics age gracefully, at best. Some parts become unsightly over the years, and through repeated use. Like the buttons of the seatbelt buckles, which not only wear out, but also get dirty. In which intensity, that depends on the previous owner. There are vehicles which have a beautiful patina after 2 or 3 decades. And others, which are in parts far away from beautiful.

An extreme case is the Anna Project. The leather and carpets could still be cleaned after years of not having been cared for. The door panel on the driver's side was replaced, the steering wheel was reupholstered and the gear knob was replaced. The interior is now well looked after, a touch of pleasant patina has been added. Almost everything is good. Except for the seatbelt buckle buttons. They were much more dirty black than red when the Saab came to me 7 years ago.

Clean it? Not so easy. Because the switches don't have the colour-fast rating. With the use of various cleaners the colour changed more and more into a dingy pink, which is beyond the desired original condition. Since the button belongs on the list of the trivialities they were no longer an issue. I took the strange pink for granted. They still fulfilled their function.

Buttons for belt buckles as replicas

Saab and Volvo specialist Skandix has new push buttons in its program as replicas. An opportunity to improve the interior after years. With a price of 14,90 per piece they are not necessarily a gift, but I am happy about every part that is reproduced for classic Saabs. The delivery is fast as always. Ordered on Thursday, already on Saturday the package is there.

I take the opportunity to tinker briefly with the Saab in the late afternoon. The exchange is quick and can be done in a few minutes, even for untrained people. A small, flat screwdriver is sufficient as a tool, with it the old buttons are removed. The new seatbelt buckle buttons are inserted, click into place audibly, and the job is done. After the first belt buckle, the principle has been recognized, the remaining 4 follow in minute intervals. The reproduction is 100% identical to the original, the fit is perfect.

The result satisfies me. The buttons literally glow in the interior, just like 22 years ago when the Saab was new. Even more important: The last memory of the unloved and unkempt history of the Anna project has disappeared from the interior. It's almost good now, except for the sky. The cover should also be renewed and is on the list for autumn.

Tom, saabblog.net

This report appeared on the SaabBlog on June 30th, 2020. Many thanks for the kind permission to include the report in our News section. Text and pictures: saabblog.net

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