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New alternator Saab 95, 96 V4


New three-phase alternators with 70A output for Saab 95 and 96 available!

For classic Saab vehicles with V4 engines, there have not been any suitable new alternators for a long time. The three-phase alternators with 35A or 45A could usually be revised quite well, but even that is no longer feasible at some point. Be it due to fractures, corrosion or closed windings, at some point the time is reached and such an alternator is no longer repairable or the right parts are no longer available.

Now, after a long search, we have an alternator from an original equipment manufacturer in our shop which, in conjunction with a matching V-belt (1000660), replaces the original three-phase alternator without any adaptation work. On top of that, it has more power and thus makes the car more suitable for short journeys, because it naturally recharges the battery more quickly.
The external regulator is no longer needed, it is integrated in the new alternator.

The original connections for the regulator and alternator can be used if the exciter cable (D+, the red one) is unplugged from one of the two multi-plugs and plugged directly into the alternator. The battery plus (B+, originally mostly grey) is screwed to the new LiMa with the M6 ring eye as before. The remaining wires in the two multi-plugs are not needed and can be safely hidden on the wiring harness.

So that your Saab can also recharge properly again!

The alternator is available now under the number 1079824 from our webshop.


  • New part in excellent quality
  • No return of exchange parts
  • No waiting time for repair
  • More charging power
  • Easy assembly


  • Saab 95 V4
  • Saab 96 V4

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