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Mount for injection valve Volvo 260, 760


The nozzle holders for the B27 and B28 engines with K-Jetronic are available again.

On the Volvo 260 and 760 with B27E or B28E and F, the injectors are mounted in the cylinder head. For this, as usual with K-Jetronic, there is a holder in the cylinder head, which here is made of galvanized steel. In this the valve sits in a rubber seal.

The fact that the connection aluminum - steel is not always the happiest, should have got around meanwhile: It often leads to contact corrosion. For a "normal" vehicle life of perhaps fifteen years, this is certainly negligible at this point and should hardly cause any problems, but at twice or three times that age it does. And a well-maintained Volvo can certainly live to that age and hopefully much older.

Contact corrosion between the retainer and the head can cause bypass air. An engine with the mechanical K-Jetronic doesn't like that at all, the mixture preparation will never work correctly with it. Furthermore, the resulting lean can lead to further damage to pistons and valves.

The vehicle manufacturer has not been able to supply these holders for some time, we have had a small series manufactured due to demand.

When replacing them, the seats in the cylinder head should be thoroughly cleaned and freed from corrosion residues. To prevent later air leakage and to insulate the materials the holders should be used with a sealing adhesive, we recommend our 1027973.

The holders injection valve are now available in our store under the number 1025658.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 260: all models, engine B27E, B28E, B28F
  • Volvo 760: all models, engine B28E, B28F

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