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Gearbox cover for Volvo classic cars


Overhauled gearbox covers to prevent excessive gearshift play on Volvo PV444/544, P445/210, 120, 130, 220 and 140 are available again.

Worn gearbox covers are a constant problem in the Humpback, Duett, Amazon and 140 after the gearbox has reached a certain mileage. At some point, the guides for the pins of the gearshift are so worn that the long gearshift lies on the seat cushion in 2nd and 4th gear. In really bad cases, the lever has to be pressed into the seat when shifting into gear. Reverse gear is then already behind the steering wheel and requires contortions to engage.

This considerably spoils the driving pleasure and requires unnecessary concentration on the "scrambling" with the gearshift. All M4, M30/40 and M31/41 gearboxes with a long gearshift lever have this problem at some point; it does not affect those with a gearshift tube on the cover and a short lever, such as in the P1800.

We once had overhauled gearbox covers in our product range, in which the complete bearing part of the gearshift, including the thread, was milled out and replaced with a bronze bushing. This overhaul was quite expensive and also superfluous because the threaded part is almost never broken.

The current replacement covers are only milled out at the damaged areas and fitted with two screwed U-shaped bronze bushes.

This means that only the actual damage is processed and the replacement part can be offered at a significantly lower price.

The gearbox covers are now available in exchange under the numbers 1091331 (M31, M41), 1091240 (M30, M40) and 1091362 (M4) in our store.

Suitable for:

Item no.: 1091331
Reference: 380373

  • Volvo 120, 130, 220: all models, transmission M31 and M41
  • Volvo 140: model up to 1972, gearbox M41

Item no.: 1091240
Reference: 380373

  • Volvo 120, 130, 220: all models, gearbox M30 and M40
  • Volvo 140: model up to 1972, gearbox M30 and M40
  • Volvo PV444, 544, P445, P210: all models, M30 and M40 gearboxes

Item no.: 1091362
Reference: 656541

  • Volvo 120, 130: model up to 1961, gearbox M4
  • Volvo PV444, 544, P445, P210: Model up to 1961, M4 gearbox

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