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Front bumper cover for Volvo 200 available again


The bumper cover for the Volvo 240, 260 and 262 from model year 1981 is now available again.

The outer cover of the bumper often has to take a lot in a car's life. In most cases, it is not only the effects of the weather and sunlight that make the plastic look old after many years. The plasticisers that volatilise from the plastics also cause them to become brittle. At some point, even the slightest touch leaves traces, sometimes even when washing the car. This becomes very unsightly, and if the car is also bumped into, it is often broken or torn. Even the best care product won't help.

In the past, we occasionally managed to find old stocks, but for a few years now, the market has been swept clean. None of the body part manufacturers who supply the aftermarket had the bumper cover in their range.

Now the 200 Volvo is a notoriously durable car, with thousands still on the road, many of them in remarkably good condition. Because of the continuing high demand, we decided to order a reproduction.
After all, it would be a great pity if a car in beautiful condition had to be on the road with an unsightly bumper.

When the first sample arrived, we fitted it to a colleague's car and found it to be excellent. Surface structure and accuracy of fit were perfect. So we ordered the series production and it has just arrived.

Compared to the smooth old original, our bumper cover is minimally structured and thus less sensitive to slight mechanical influences, minor scratches are much less noticeable.

If there are problems with spinning fastening bolts in the bumper bracket during installation, we have had the repair kits 1076158 and 1076159 in our range for some time now, which offer a sustainable solution for this. This means that the old carrier can continue to be used.

Suitable for the following vehicles from 1981 onwards:

  • Volvo 240
  • Volvo 260
  • Volvo 262

Not for country version USA

Reference no.: 1246585

If your Volvo 200 also needs a visual facelift:
The bumper cover is now available under item number 1005092 from our shop.

Note: This item requires a special shipping method due to its size. For shipping within Germany by forwarding agent, shipping costs of 65.45 EUR incl. VAT apply. For shipping to other countries, our sales team will find a suitable shipping option for you in advance and inform you separately about the shipping costs incurred.

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