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Spoiler for front bumper for Volvo 200


The spoiler under the front bumper of the 200 Volvo from 1981 is again available as a new part.

The bumper skin and the front spoiler are to a large extent the "face" of the 200, are they damaged or have suffered too much under the sun, then the whole car looks unkempt.

Even if only a small accident happens, like for example a slight game damage, these parts are quickly hopelessly ruined, the plastic has lost its flexibility over the years and breaks very quickly. But even without major incidents and too much sun, these parts are often no longer too beautiful after such a long car life, smaller stone chips or road salt and grit affect the quite smooth original parts, if a car has been driven then this is visible even with the best care at some point. This is certainly up to a certain limit a sympathetic patina, beyond that it looks quickly used up or even shabby.

The front spoiler was dropped by the vehicle manufacturer several years ago without replacement. Now there was this spoiler but already from one or the other accessory manufacturer, unfortunately, these could not convince us qualitatively or the accuracy of fit was poor.

Since most parts on the second-hand market are now also over thirty years old and correspondingly brittle, the decision for a replica was also made quickly.

The spoiler is now available under the number 1026475 in our store.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 240, 260, 262: model from 1981


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