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Electric telescopic antenna for radio reception available again


An electric telescopic aerial suitable for older Volvo models is finally available again!

For the older Volvo sedans of the 70s to 90s, there were always electric telescopic antennas for better equipped cars. No matter if 200, 700, 850, 900, S70 or S90, such an extra was available for all of them. In the past, Volvo replaced most of the antennas with other antennas, but for some time now none have been available.

Often the telescopes of older electric antennas are stuck or the retractable tape is damaged, so that a proper function is no longer given.

We have now included an antenna in our range which, with the original plug for the power supply and the square body seal, corresponds to the last available original part, as it was fitted to the Volvo 850, for example.
Of course the antenna rod is chromed like the original parts.
In addition, the antenna comes with a universal perforated plate so that the mounting can be adapted to all models.

Our antenna can of course also replace any manual telescopic antenna, for the connection only ignition plus, minus and the switch line from the radio are required.
For vehicles without a switch connection on the radio, the ignition plus can be used instead or an additional switch (e.g. 1026141) can be installed.

The new antenna can be found in our shop under item no. 1079569.


  • original look and function
  • chrome-plated antenna rod
  • strong reception for all FM stations
  • Attachment protection through automatic retraction and extension
  • perfectly adaptable for all models

suitable for:

  • Volvo 242, 244
  • Volvo 264
  • Volvo 262 Bertone
  • Volvo 744, 764
  • Volvo 780
  • Volvo 944, 964
  • Volvo 850 Sedan
  • Volvo S70
  • Volvo S90

Reference numbers:
9494387, 3533338

Additional information...

  • Artikel Nr. 1079569
  • Volvo 850