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Chassis bushing for the upper control arm of the rear axle


The front bushing for the upper control arm of the Multilink ll rear axle in the Volvo 960 from 95 and S/V90 up to 98 is available again.

With the complex Multilink ll rear axle, the late 960 and S/V90 gained a clear comfort advantage over their rigid-axle predecessors, and the occasional slight bumps were finally a thing of the past.

Anyone who has ever taken a closer look at such an axle can easily see that the effort required for this, with four links per side, Nivomats and the fibreglass transverse leaf spring, was not exactly small.

The multitude of used suspension bushings does not make the allocation easy in case of an overhaul anyway, a reasonable overview is absolutely necessary in case of a repair to get everything together. Many of them were never or rarely available on the parts market.

We have made it our business to remanufacture parts for this axle that are no longer available, as in this case. The wishbone bushing was no longer available from the vehicle manufacturer at relatively short notice, so we looked for a new sample and commissioned a remanufacture. We installed two samples for testing and tested them extensively. The subsequent series production has now arrived and can now ensure precise driving behaviour again.

The wishbone bushing is now available in our shop under the number 1026248.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • Volvo 960 from 1995
  • Volvo S90, V90 (-1998)


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