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Bushing trailing arm wheel carrier multilink axle for Volvo 700 and 900


The multi-link rear axles of the Volvo 760, 780, 960 and S/V90 were designed quite elaborately in order to increase safety and comfort compared to the old rigid axle.

Regardless of whether Multilink l or ll, the total of four control arms per side, the wheel bearing housing and the rather powerful axle carrier require a large number of different suspension bushes.

This is the problem for many vehicle owners: the high-quality original parts are often worn out for the first time, the rubber is brittle and cracked, the vulcanization on the metal parts is peeling off due to age and corrosion. There can then be no question of precise wheel guidance, it becomes dangerous at some point and is rightly criticized at the general inspection. And then suddenly parts are no longer available.

In recent years, many bushings have gradually been discontinued by the vehicle manufacturer without replacement; after all, the latest cars are now 25 years old.

The aftermarket manufacturers have never shown any particular interest in reproductions due to the large number of bushes and the comparatively small number of vehicles.

Of course, we receive frequent requests for the bushes and have already had some reproduced in the past. We have now had the bushing in the wheel carrier, also known as the steering knuckle or wheel bearing housing, reproduced.

The trailing arm is guided in the wheel carrier in this bushing. This bushing is the same for all multilink axles in the 700 and 900 Volvo.

The bushes are now available in our store under the number 1022625.

Suitable for:

  • Volvo 760 4-door: model from 1988
  • Volvo 780: model from 1988
  • Volvo 960 4-door: model until 1994
  • Volvo 960: model from 1995
  • Volvo S90, V90 (-1998)