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Centre armrest locking handle for Volvo 960, S90, V90


Finally available again: Locking lever and spring for the lid of the centre armrest Volvo 960 ll and S90/V90 (-98)

The opener for the centre armrest lid - also known as the locking handle or locking lever - is made of plastic and tends to give up due to age. The plastic becomes brittle due to age and temperature fluctuations, the return spring gets tired and at some point the lever breaks off.

The lever and the return spring have not been available from the vehicle manufacturer for some time. We have now had both manufactured and tested them for accuracy of fit. The design of the locking lever is more stable than the original part due to a different choice of material.

If the latch is defective, the lid can rattle unsightly while driving. This does not fit the character of these cars, and so a remedy was needed.

An open ear for the wishes of our customers

After our report "Innovations for the Volvo Klassieker Beurs 2020", we received a customer request if we could also have the opener of the centre armrest reproduced. After a short internal consultation, we said: "That's happened to me before" and the decision to reproduce it was made!

Unfortunately, we lost the spring for the locking lever when we removed it and it was no longer available. So we had to find a solution: without further ado, we got a sample for remanufacturing and also produced the spring. To round things off, we also included the pin in the programme.

All three necessary parts, locking lever 1063868, spring 1081280 and pin 1081279 are now available in our shop.


  • more stable design
  • looks completely like the original
  • pleasant haptics
  • no more rattling noises


  • Volvo 960 (95-)
  • Volvo S90 (-98)
  • Volvo V90 (-98)

Reference numbers:

  • Locking lever 9145529, 9150342, 9150339
  • Spring 9145498
  • Pin 9145500

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