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2-piece manifold for B18A/20A with flat-flow carburettor


The intake manifold on the B18A and B20A engine with a single Stromberg CD 175, SU HIF6 or HS6 carburettor is constructed in one piece together with the exhaust manifold.

The disadvantage of this design is that the manifold cracks on the intake side due to the temperature differences between intake and exhaust. As a result, the engine gets the wrong air, no longer runs smoothly and, in the worst case, suffers engine damage. Because the combustion temperature rises due to leanness, the exhaust valves are then usually burnt.

In the meantime, there are practically no more intact used parts. Therefore, we decided to remanufacture the manifold. We have solved the original problem by separating the exhaust and intake manifolds. So now we deliver a set of two manifolds: A cast iron exhaust manifold and an aluminium intake manifold.

Another advantage of this design is that the hot exhaust gases have less influence on the intake temperature. This also significantly reduces the tendency for vapour bubbles to form in the carburettor.

The intake manifold is equipped with connections for the crankcase ventilation, as well as for the vacuum supply for the brake booster. As delivered, the openings are closed with blind plugs. If the hose connections are required, the corresponding connection nipples must be ordered separately.

In addition to the complete set, we also offer the intake manifold separately. This offer is aimed at workshops and skilled persons who want to cut up the old manifold and then use the cut-off exhaust manifold together with a new intake manifold!

Vehicles with the A-engines and Zenith downdraft carburettors can also be fitted with these manifolds, but then of course the carburettor must also be replaced, as well as the flame tube.

The manifolds are available now as 1080288 (intake manifold), 1071062 (exhaust manifold) and 1080287 (kit).


  • Better long-term durability due to optimised design
  • No secondary air due to cracking between the manifolds
  • Significantly reduced tendency to form steam bubbles
  • Heat protection plate can be mounted sensibly
  • High-quality new part with naturally smooth sealing surfaces and intact threads
  • Intake manifold with better heat dissipation due to aluminium alloy


  • Volvo PV 544 from 1961
  • Volvo P210
  • Volvo 121, 220 from 1961
  • Volvo 140
  • Volvo 240 until 1975

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