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Gear lever boot, black Leather

Volvo P1800E, ES, 140, 121, 130, 220, 164


In this guide we show how to fit a new black leather boot using a Volvo P1800 ES as an example. It is fitted over the old rubber boot. For other vehicles, the procedure is basically the same, only the Volvo Amazon should be equipped with a centre console for optical reasons for the installation of a leather collar, we have these for retrofitting in our webshop.

To prepare for the installation of the new boot, first remove the centre console. Remove the carpet above the cardan tunnel, the boot must be fixed under the carpet afterwards.
If necessary, the seats may need to be removed for this, so that the floor covering can be moved far enough to the side.
We use the original holes at the bottom of the rubber boot as a template for the new fastening points on the leather boot.
For this, the original clips, if fitted, must be removed (1025168).
As an alternative to our method shown here, the leather boot can of course also be glued to the rubber boot with profile or upholstery glue. In any case, it must be fixed for a proper fit. If you want to glue the boot, the glue must be allowed to flash off briefly according to the instructions, then press the parts together. Do not move the gearshift lever until the glue has dried sufficiently, otherwise the new collar could twist.

On former automatic vehicles, the holes in the tunnel are usually not provided and have to be drilled first.

Now pull the leather boot over the gear shift lever and the rubber boot and lay it out there without tension.

The leather boot must be able to flex sufficiently all around. Unlike the rubber boot, it is not elastic.

Next, mark the positions of the holes in the leather boot according to those in the rubber boot.

This can be done quite well with a pointed awl or a small flat-blade screwdriver.

Then remove the boot again and punch the marked holes in the boot on a piece of wood with a suitable punch.

Now put the perforated boot back over the gear shift lever and screw it together with the rubber boot through the corresponding holes on the tunnel or fix it with the original clips. If you have glued the boots to each other and to the body, these steps are of course not necessary, in which case no further fastening is required.

Now reinstall the insulation and the carpet, it must lie on the boot, even if it should be glued.

Reinstall the centre console.

Finally, put the shift knob back on and you`re done. If you have glued, consider the drying time before the first ride.

  • All notes serve only as an example and do not replace the workshop instructions of the automobile manufacturers! All information is supplied without guarantee!

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