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Seal ring, Oil drain plug

Volvo 200, 700, 900

Seal ring, Oil drain plug 947628 (1002716) - Volvo 200, 700, 900 - brick gasket seal ring oil drain plug Own-label drain drainpluggaskets drainplugsealrings drainplugseals drainplugwashers eingineoilpanpluggaskets eingineoilpanplugsealrings eingineoilpanplugseals eingineoilpanplugwashers engine engineoildrainpluggaskets engineoildrainplugsealrings engineoildrainplugseals engineoildrainplugwashers engineoilsumppluggaskets engineoilsumpplugsealrings engineoilsumpplugseals engineoilsumpplugwashers oil oildrainpluggaskets oildrainplugsealrings oildrainplugseals oildrainplugwashers oilpanpluggaskets oilpanplugsealrings oilpanplugseals oilpanplugwashers oilsumppluggaskets oilsumpplugsealrings oilsumpplugseals oilsumpplugwashers olichanggaskets olichangsealrings olichangseals olichangwashers plug plug  pluggaskets plugsealrings plugseals plugwashers seal

Position in vehicle:

  • Volvo P1800: Dashboard instruments
Product No:1002716
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Product attributes:

Type: Seal
Position: Oil drain plug, Engine
Weight: 3 g

applicable for:

Volvo 240 restricted on: engine type
Volvo 740 restricted on: engine type
Volvo 940 restricted on: engine type

Please select your car model first to get an exact fitting approval for this part.

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Oil drain plug, Oil pan without Seal 1257107 (1002715) - Volvo 200 1002715
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Volvo 200
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