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Your Saab as a poster


We would like to introduce you to someone who not only has a plan of screwing but shares a very special passion for SAABs. With his illustrations, Michael has made it his mission to keep the brand alive for Saab lovers and brings a breath of fresh air in terms of design for the home, the workshop or another favorite place! See for yourself how he stages SAABs once again to the eye-catcher and the iconic classics, but also newer models powerful in scene.

You want to know what Michael has to tell you?
Fasten your seatbelts and we'll take you into conversation!

Hej, please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hello, my name is Michael and I am from Poland. I am a trained production engineer and one of my many passions is graphic design. On social media I show my car posters and other artworks with different car brands, including SAAB.

Do you drive a SAAB yourself?
I have two SAABs in my collection:
First a SAAB 93 AERO 2003 260hp
and a SAAB 93 Cabrio 1999' 200hp.
Both cars I use for daily use. The cars are constantly modified by me, especially the SAAB 93 AERO. As far as I can, I repair them myself and share my experiences on my Youtube channel.

What inspired you to create car posters?
I noticed that you can't buy nice SAAB posters on the market. There are many interesting gadgets for brand fans, e.g. BMW, Mercedes, etc. I decided to provide SAAB fans with the best possible posters to decorate their rooms. I wanted every SAAB owner to have the same car model hanging on their wall that they have in their garage.

What else do you illustrate?
At the moment, I'm just focusing on creating graphics with cars. There is so much work that I don't have time to create other graphics. I used to create graphics for bicycle stickers for old Polish bicycles as well.

Tell us about your relationship with SAAB!
My adventure with SAAB started in 2019, when I bought my first SAAB 93 AERO 2003'. Before that, I was an owner of VW cars. However, after some time I decided that I want to drive a car that stands out on the road and has a sporty character - the choice fell on SAAB. My dream is a well-maintained SAAB 900, I think they are great cars and I am sad that the brand no longer exists.

What was your most beautiful work and why?
The greatest adventure and at the same time its beginning was designing posters with my car. It's inspiring to have a poster in your room with exactly your car.

Where is your favorite place for a poster?
The posters hang in different places in my apartment. I have four of them in my room. Another interesting place where I hang posters is my garage.

Which project from your repertoire do you like the most out of all your artworks?
I like SAAB 900 posters the most. I love these cars, even though I don't own a "crocodile". Right now I'm looking at the SAAB 900 poster, but I think there will be a car next to it in the near future.

Would you like to share some future projects with the community?.
Yes, of course! I think I have created almost all SAAB car models. But I don't have SAAB Sonett and SAAB 96 yet. These will be projects that I will do in the future.
Another project is also the production of T-shirts with graphics created by me. Currently I have several t-shirts with my designs and I am testing their quality on myself. I think that knowing the quality of your own products is the key to success and customer satisfaction.

Anything else you would like to share with us?
Yes! Take care of your SAABs, because you are the owners of a brand that no longer exists, and there will be no more of these cars. The cars will thank you for it.

With this beautiful outlook we would like to thank Michael for the great interview and are very happy to offer a selection of his great work in our online store!

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