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Window Seals Volvo Amazon


The side window seals for two-door Volvo Amazon with vent window are available again.

Ageing door and window seals often no longer serve their purpose. Sunlight and environmental influences cause them to become brittle, cracked and eventually rock hard. Then they no longer seal, rub against the paintwork and rust underneath. In the worst case, there are large rust holes under the seals even though the rest of the vehicle still seems to be in good shape. A professional repair of such damage with the subsequent necessary painting work is always at least in the lower four-digit range.

The seals for the hinged windows of the Volvo Amazon have not been available from the vehicle manufacturer for a very long time. Because we were also faced with the problem of not being able to find any reasonable second-hand parts, we had them remanufactured.

The original seals for the Amazon also had a steel core that promoted corrosion at a certain stage. Our reproduction no longer has this steel core and the associated disadvantages. For a better hold when the vent window is open, however, it should be glued to the bodywork. This is not a disadvantage, but offers additional protection against abrasion and prevents corrosion.
Dirt also no longer gets under the seal.

The seals are now available in our shop under the number 1083765 (set for both sides).

Reference numbers
659137 (left)
659138 (right)


  • Volvo 120, 130 2-door, all models

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