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Washer stud bolt exhaust manifold


New solution for height compensation between exhaust and intake manifold.

SKANDIX now has a stepped washer for the stud bolts that hold the two manifolds on the B18 and B20 together. With tuned engines there is almost always a difference in height between the flanges of the manifolds when using fan manifolds or other carburettor systems such as Weber DCOE.
This difference in height is compensated by the stepped washers. The washer is available in two versions, which can cover all possible variations.


  • discs with suitable height difference for a reasonable surface pressure on both bends
  • enables the assembly of several flange thickness combinations of the elbows
  • thermal properties of this expansion washer ensure that both elbows fit evenly
  • saves effort, as no reworking of the original parts is required
  • No corrosion on the panes: As nothing has to be filed or milled, no coating is damaged.

Article No. 1080182 for 2 mm height difference
washer stud bolt exhaust manifold, 22 mm, 2 mm offset

Article No. 1080183 for 5 mm height difference
washer stud bolt exhaust manifold, 22 mm, 5 mm offset

Suitable for Volvo classic cars with B18 or B20 engine:

  • Volvo PV544 "Hump Volvo", P210 "Duet"
  • Volvo 140
  • Volvo 240 until 1976
  • Volvo P1800 Jensen, P1800S, P1800E, P1800ES

Suitable for Volvo classic cars with B30 engine:

  • Volvo 164

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