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Volvo PV544 Convertible - One of a kind

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This very special Volvo PV544 convertible is an absolute one-off. This conversion only exists once. The conversion to a convertible was made by a master coachbuilder as a master/test piece and consists of 90% metal parts. So it is not a GRP kit!

The conversion idea is a convertible roadster custom rod without a roof. The rear and the sides are completely made of metal. Inside the car is very minimalistically equipped. However, missing equipment such as heating, radio etc. can be retrofitted at any time.

The vehicle has a new MOT and is in good condition due to its age. There are only two small spots where the paintwork would need a little touching up as a small crack has formed.

If you have now fallen in love with the vehicle, you can consider yourself lucky, because the humpback convertible is currently for sale.

The vehicle comes with a further set of wider tyres and rims in the same colour as the car. Furthermore, there are various small/new parts such as various type plates, original Volvo Condor, heating control etc.