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Volvo Photo Locations


With Volvo Photo Locations, Guido from Stockholm has launched an ambitious project. Actually Guido is Dutch and comes from near Amsterdam, but since he moved to Sweden he is a fan of Volvo cars.

When he was in Gothenburg for the first time in 2002, he discovered numerous locations that looked familiar to him from Volvo advertising motifs. In 2012, he took part in a Volvo Factory Tour organised by the Dutch Volvo Forum. This included a Volvo photo tour around Gothenburg. So he started to investigate some places he had found and collect information about them on his private website. He compared them with the Volvo advertising motifs, so that it was easy to identify where a motif had originally been created.

The idea for "Volvo Photo Locations" was born!

From old Volvo advertising brochures, Volvo magazines and photo archives, which he found on the internet, Guido collected further motives and locations. Of course also with links to the photographers and their websites. Later, new photos from social media such as Facebook or Instagram were added.

In the meantime the collection has grown to over 300 locations in Sweden and another 350 locations worldwide. With the help of Google Maps it was possible to determine the exact location of the photos. Many maps are also linked on the website, so that you can explore the places yourself.

The "Volvo Photo Locations" can be navigated via the picture overview as well as via an interactive map. There are also categories by countries and vehicle types. In the meantime the site is accessible via its own domain www.volvophotolocations.com.

Guido has also made the still growing collection available on Instagram under @volvophotolocations. There he now has more than 17,000 followers.

His enthusiasm for the project is unbroken and he is happy about the feedback from all over the world. Last year there was even an interview with him in the "Volvo Klassiker" magazine.

If you like beautiful photos, or just want to see great Volvo pictures from all over the world, you should definitely visit "Volvo Photo Locations"! For real Volvo enthusiasts there are also some really rare cars to be discovered.

Images: volvophotolocations.com