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Volvo 960 - From hearse to party car


This Volvo 960 hearse, once intended for mournful occasions, was transformed into a place of exuberant joy at the 2017 Humber Street Sesh. With a DJ booth and a sparkling disco ball, the car was transformed into a rolling disco that got the crowds dancing.

Visitors gathered in front of the car and let themselves be carried away by the music. The atmosphere was exuberant and full of energy as the disco ball cast its sparkling lights over the dancing crowd.

This unusual sight caught the attention of many visitors and created a unique atmosphere at the Humber Street Sesh. The converted Volvo hearse was undoubtedly a highlight of the event and provided people with an unforgettable memory.

Many thanks to Anete Sooda for the great photos of the event. Further information about the Humber Street Sesh can be found under the following links.