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Volvo 960 - A swimming pool on wheels


A pool of your own in the garden is something nice, but if there is no suitable space available?

If you still want a refreshing and mobile swimming pool, we might have the right solution!
How about an extraordinary pool in the car? This idea will probably make your heart bleed, but the idea alone is still quite amusing!

The "Garage 54" team from Russia dared to implement this crazy pool idea and the result is really something to be proud of! But now to the beginning of the whole story...

At the beginning of summer 2018, the "Garage 54" team had the idea of building a convertible from a grey Volvo 960 for the warm summer days. To do this, the boys first cut through the B, C and D pillars, then the roof was sawn through along the windscreen, leaving only a thin frame to hold the windscreen. To finally separate the whole thing from the vehicle, the team came up with something very special.

They took a long, thick rope and tied it to a concrete pole, the other end was attached to the body part to be removed. The next step was to go full throttle! - In less than 5 seconds, the roof and boot lid flew off, the side windows shattered and the desired convertible was finished. After a short drift round, it was back to the "garage" where the conversion work from convertible to "Volvo pool" began.

The entire interior was "gutted", all seats were removed, door panels dismantled, the boot floor and everything else removed so that there would be as much space as possible for the pool later. The accelerator pedal was replaced by a pedal on the steering wheel, the gear lever as well as the handbrake were extended. In the next step, the boys welded together a frame or substructure made of metal square tubes, to which the pool floor and the pool walls were attached. The pool was lined on all sides with thick plywood panels, then the entire interior was covered with a special pool liner so that no water could escape later.

In principle, the boys could have filled the pool already, but they didn't like the grey colour of the Volvo. So they decided to give the Volvo a summery look and repainted it yellow. Summer was coming to an end, so it was time to fill the pool, invite some pretty girls and go for a spin around town!

The converted Volvo certainly attracted a glance or two, because you don't see a mobile pool like this every day.

By now it was autumn and the "Garage 54" team didn't really know what to do with the Volvo pool, because just leaving it standing is not their motto. They didn't have to think long about it themselves, because the viewers of their YouTube channel commented diligently. They really wanted the Volvo to be turned "upside down". Of course, the Volvo should still be ready to drive. No sooner said than done! So the swimming pool became an "upside-down vehicle". So the pool cover was completely dismantled again, except for the metal frame, which was allowed to stay.

Then the engine, the steering wheel and a few other parts were removed from the Volvo to keep the weight as low as possible. Now it was time to turn the vehicle over. A whole nine men were needed for this. Then the Volvo, which had been turned upside down, was placed on the lifting platform, from where it could be placed on another vehicle that had been stripped of its bodywork.

Every part that interfered with the overlapping was rigorously cut off and removed. Once the Volvo, or what was left of it, was firmly placed on the other vehicle, the first test drive began.

This drive was a rather shaky affair, and the car didn't sound very healthy any more. Especially in the curves, it crunched, rattled and scratched strongly from all sides. In all likelihood, this drive was also the last one this Volvo was allowed to experience, but probably nothing more could have been taken out of it...

Maybe the idea is something for one or the other and the dream of having your own pool will soon become reality! OR LEAVE YOUR VOLVO 960 IN ONE PIECE AND DRIVE IT TO THE PUBLIC OUTDOOR POOL!!!
Have fun watching the videos.