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Volvo 940 Pick-Up, 300kg of ice and 100 beers


"Cool" Volvo 940 PickUp

The fact that Volvo's repertoire of pick-up trucks is relatively, shall we say, "manageable" is certainly not news. Many Volvo fans are probably also aware that this has motivated one or two ambitious mechanics to make some very interesting conversions. Mikaël from the south-west of France shows us a particularly "cool" pick-up transformation.

We cannot say exactly what influence the increasingly warm climate in general or the summer temperatures in southern France in particular had on this project. What is pretty clear, however, is that 29-year-old Mikaël is quite a car fan. This is not least shown by his job at a spare parts supplier for off-roaders. According to his own statement, he has already gained some experience in mechanics and bodywork. We would like to say that this is no exaggeration. Otherwise, it would be difficult to explain how such a conversion could be completed in only 20 days in his spare time.

With the help of his brother and three or four friends, the 1991 Volvo 940 from the junkyard was transformed into this pickup truck with plenty of loading space for lots of ice. This way, the beer stays at a pleasant temperature on pretty much every visit to the beach. Whereby "beer" might be an elementary component of this project. After all, according to Mikaël, the planning discussions have already been supported by a beer or two.

However, Mikaël did not go into this project completely unprepared. He had already bought, repaired and refurbished a 740 Volvo in 2021. However, the Frenchman was infected with the Volvo virus in 2018 when he built his first 940 Turbo Volvo for drifting. The fact that in the following two years four of his friends and his brother could not avoid equipping themselves with drivable Swedish metal should not really come as a surprise to most.

When asked how people react to his ice-cooled 900 pickup on the rides, Mikaël says: "The first reaction is always to ask what model it is". After realising that it is a conversion, most admirers probably wonder why Volvo never built the car like this. Most also agree that this is "probably the coolest idea" they have seen in a long time.

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